In this article I want to share with you some secrets that will help to fulfill your desires. We will discuss the main aspects influencing the speed of execution of desires and learn to deal with obstacles on the way to his dream. I'll tell you about the basic rules of the Genie and teach you how to tune in the desired.

If you are reading this article means you are ready to start right now to change your life for the better. Don't worry, you will succeed!

first you have to believe that desires tend to be fulfilled. You must believe in miracles. Yes, it is in a miracle! Then it with pleasure will come into your life. The universe ( or God ), whatever you like to think, has a limitless number of benefits for every human living on Earth. br>
the Problem is that many people never dare to ask "their" wealth from the Universe. The reasons for this may be too much. Consider the most common:

- Low self esteem (feeling of worthlessness and unworthiness benefits that you want)

- second thoughts in getting what you want (fears, anxiety, disbelief)

- the Lack of clearly defined desires (want a lot of money, but not particularly represent what you will spend, how it will change your life, or even do not know the specific amount you need, etc.)

- the Unwillingness to do even the smallest steps towards your dream (such as usually characterizes a huge lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities, and fear of condemnation from the loved ones or relatives)

- You really don't want anything to change in my life because I'm afraid to step out of the comfort zone. Because wish fulfillment entails changes in life that need to be re-used, even if those changes are positive. br>
actually not so important what you say, it is very important to understand what you feel about it.
for Example, a girl wants to marry a rich, handsome guy. And maybe dream about it every day. But most of her time inside she feels a fear of being near such a man, because maybe she feels pretty enough, educated, doesn't feel "smooth" for this one. The desire of this girl with this attitude is unlikely to be executed until it will change your inner feelings positive towards themselves and to life. br>
Most importantly, you must be honest with yourself, do not be afraid to find your negative beliefs to replace them with positive.

Another example, showing your inner state, which I'm sure was going through each of us, but disguised in the desire for wealth and success.
Explain more...
a Mr. X works in an ordinary job, gets an average salary, has some debts and he starts to despair. He spent his days depressed, thinking of their problems and losing their energy, but rather, spending on negative thoughts. br>
in this case, What can be done? Stop wasting your energy on negative thoughts. You must have a little bit determination and start thinking about wealth. It may seem silly or pointless, but it works. Need to replace all the negative beliefs to positive For this Mr. X I need to write all that bothers him on a leaf.

- I Have a lot of debt.
- My salary is very small
- I am constantly short of money.
- I Have no energy
- I don't know what to do

And replace with the opposite:

- I am free of debt
- I Have a big salary (it is desirable to specify numbers, what salary you want)
- I Have a lot of money, which is enough for me all
I was full of energy
- I always know what to do

That's all... Repeating every day, several times, these positive statements Mr. X will soon begin to notice that his life begins to slowly change. Probably it will be a big promotion and his salary increase, he might offer additional work for a fee, etc.

You can not and should not guess where you will fall good. It's not your problem. Trust the Universe and let her take care of you.
If you think you are a loser, immediately stop doing it. Start to consider yourself lucky. Just think of yourself this way. Scroll in the head your still "imaginary" good luck and soon you will see that this principle works perfectly. br>
I assure you that when you realize that your whole life depends on you, and you will see miracles in your life, you'll like it and back you don't want to go back.
Let's get to the interesting wording of your desires.

Basic rules of making a wish:

- You should know precisely what you want from the Universe (more specifics)
- Your desire is to be environmentally friendly, i.e. not to cause harm to others
- make All the wishes in the present tense (I have a new Mercedes car; I live in his new, big house, etc.)
- In the formulation of your desire must not be a particle "not" (don't want to be poor - you can't make a wish so write "I'm rich and successful")
And most importantly and most difficult, you must believe that you have, and even better to feel. br>
How you can feel and experience the joy?

for a Long time I it did not do it well, to relax and to feel joy while guessing her desire. But then me came my fantasy. Don't worry, you won't need to meditate from morning to evening. It is enough to allocate 3-5 minutes a few times a week, and a "dream" as it should be. For example, you want a big salary. Before bedtime, when you are already relaxed, instead of having to sort out in the mind of their problems, imagine the money rain that falls on you from the sky. Imagine your wallet full of money. Try to feel and live this state of joy and happiness, albeit still only in your imagination, and you will notice that money will start to come to you from the most unexpected sources. br>
saying. Thoughts have energy and frequency. When you tune into the frequency of wealth, you get wealth and so throughout. Tune in for luck, for love, for health, and you get it. It seems so simple.

I Want to share with you one small but very important secret. I'm sure you have never met. At least I'm not caught in any book on psychology and self-development.
How do you think you should feel, to the wealth, happiness, health and love be your constant companions? The answer is very simple, you have a "high" in the truest sense of the word.

now Let's look at how you can achieve this condition and how to support it.
first, stop criticize and insult, even in jest. Any negative statements to your address you should not afford, no thoughts, no hearing.
for Example, all smart and I'm stupid. No you're not stupid. Change installation. Say to yourself, "I'm so clever, I'm wonderful, I'm wonderful". Begin to raise your self-esteem and cultivate a new respect for myself. Remember, you need to think only positive.

secondly, you must like myself in the mirror. To do this, write on a leaf is a positive affirmation to yourself, replacing them all negative. Read these statements in front of a mirror, looking yourself straight in the eye. Don't forget that you always have to be the best for yourself. If suddenly routine life you turned to the tired woman (the girl), which ceased to look after yourself, then you need to immediately correct this situation.

Remember a time in your life when looking at yourself in the mirror you from yourself "blissed out". Maybe you went to someone on birthday and was wearing makeup and dressed nice and felt good, but looking in the mirror thinking: "I'm beautiful (elegant, sexy, etc.)". Think of what you lack, that you once again feel re-Queen? Fix it. Start to give yourself time, take care of yourself, start to put on makeup, dress up, smile to yourself, enjoy your self reflection. As often as possible, imagine yourself the way you want to see yourself in the future. br>
Maybe you want to be loved, successful, rich, healthy, imagine anything you want and direct your thoughts to it. Start doing what you like. It is clear that we are all busy, but I mean your hobby. Whether you like to cook, take care of the flowers in the garden, read, paint and anything else to do... Find at least 20 minutes for it, relax, allow yourself to do what you like. Be a little selfish in this regard. Spend a little of time on something that is fun for you, not others. This will fill you with joy, happiness and energy, so necessary and desirable.

And finally I would like to talk about the speed of execution of your desires. Sometimes you have to wait months or even years. But basically, a properly formulated wishes come true much faster. Making a wish and presenting it in your imagination, feel a sense of happiness and thank the Universe for its performance. Because in your imagination it's already fulfilled, and therefore, the universe has already started to look for a way of its implementation in life. Don't focus on your dream, don't worry and don't despair. Believe that your wish will come true in the best form for you, at just the right time for you and release it. br>
You may imagine that you already possess what you seek, so again, tuning to the desired wave. But * do not inflate the importance. Tell yourself: "My wish will come true in the best way for me and for the good of all" and believe in your words.
I Hope my tips will help you get closer to your dream and get all that you desire. Be happy!

Elina Antoninovna
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