How to get away not to return


Leaving leave. Good words but in life happens differently.

you Can leave but not to leave. If we are angry, resentful and conduct an internal dialogue with the man, he is present in our lives. And we tie the invisible thread, whether we like it or not. With feelings all starts and ends with feelings.

Part can be different. Fierce enemies or human.

Sometimes you need to go as it will. If the partner is prone to physical and emotional violence, good is unlikely to come. Not all can agree. And you decide you want to live with the illusion of security, paying with bruises, broken teeth, tension and unpredictability of life.

anyone who wants to, looking for opportunities. As the heroine of the film "In bed with the enemy." Who doesn't want excuses.

to leave on good terms, we need the willingness of the two parties.

1. It would be good discuss, way wrong. Honestly, no complaints and cries. It is not always possible, but you can always think about it.

2. Grieve about his incompleteness and imperfection of the partner. Better alone or with friends.

3. Ponder your errors, to draw conclusions and to make a decision. I'm different now.

4. It is important apologize for his behavior .

5. To see, to understand and to remember than this man was in your life. How did you feel next to him when all was well. After all, something attracted you to it, you are surely something to be appreciated.

It could be a sense of security, interesting conversations, trips. He knows a lot, but you it was interesting to listen to him. You liked his jokes, and he loved the way you cook.

we are afraid to lose. That's what keeps and makes coming back again and again. The more good we saw in person, the more we need it. To mind comes the idea that we can get not only from him.

to Chat with and you can joke with your friends, learn from mentors, to take care of himself. Security - sense.

it is Important to understand how I can satisfy your thirst, important for their needs.

6. To understand and analyze is good, it's wonderful. But we are facing the feelings. A lot of them. Strong. Often contradictory.

They need throw, instead of clamping. To go to the gym, Jogging in the morning, rearrange the furniture. Allow yourself to be angry and learn to respond appropriately anger.

Often, it is anger and an attempt to prove something he/she is forced to change life, to work, to go to learn.

7. It was at this point we really need support. So the brain didn't explode from the thoughts and heart turned to stone from grief, we need people who can speak all. Tears you need to cry , then gradually comes to an acceptance. As it was, it was. This process can take several months or even a year.

And only then the possibility of forgiveness. To forgive is to let go. Let him go on his way.

8. Thank for all the good that was in the relationship.

9. If you are lucky, partner is also thank you. And apologize for his behavior.

If you're lucky, can consider himself a free man. Book of relationships is closed and is on the shelf.

Veduta Marina
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