Why we are there and then?

Clogged with information, the civilized world disables our consciousness, we nakatyvaya waves of advertising, noise, and immersing in the On “work” it only remains unconscious and automatic programs (instincts, habits, skills), so that we act like robots, for us lives in our bodies, skillfully programmed by nature to it.

We are easily able to fall out of conscious States, because we every day live in a familiar place, wear the same clothes, visited familiar places committed rehearsed operation, communicate with the same people. Our nervous system is the result of an iterative (repeated) repetition of memorized even looks like the sidewalk on the way home, and when You sleep in the bus, and then you Wake up and look out the window, we can on it (the sidewalk) to determine how many stops You have to go to your destination.

“Why, they asked, would You brain I strain, if I know everything? Everything is under control, go back to sleep”. And we sleep. We sleep, when our body is awake. Sleep while doing usual work, when you communicate with a loved one. We sleep because it's easier, without tension: not to think is not particularly necessary, nor to do something new or change something in yourself or your life (and it would mean – neural connections to reshape, breaking the previously formed(!) imagine how difficult(!), so the reaction is – is not, do not rush to strain, let's think and act as before, everything was fine, why are you begin…).

Brain took over the functions of the master, slaves who we become. Robin Sharma through his literary hero said, ‘the Mind – a wonderful servant but a terrible master".

If you take the brain control and use for its intended purpose, it is possible to reach their potential and improve performance in all important areas of life. The first and most important, where to start – permanent as possible, to be present in the HERE AND NOW.

Here are a few techniques that will help You in the cycle of information flow, “Wake up”, he found himself right in the here and now. To look outside and see the real world, not the pictures in my head. Prick up their ears and listen to the sounds around you, and don't say in your brain (by the way, did You know that in the background we have in mind constantly plays some song? Listen right now). And finally, to return from their fantasies to their body, to feel and to feel their feelings, whatever they were. No more running to the head and sleep! If You are reading this, then you are probably ripe for a new experience.

Method 1. Who am I and what's around me?

Leave your thoughts, bring attention to the outside world. A little look at what's around You, pay attention to sounds. Feel at least for a few seconds, stop thinking, that state, when nothing seems… And then ask yourself the following questions, answering each of them; ponder the meaning, not giving answers automatically (can give yourself time to exact belief in the correctness of the answer and its wording, i.e., would immediately blurt out the answer while You wait, make sure that it really is, think a few seconds and then say):

  • my name?
  • How old am I?
  • Where do I live?
  • What am I doing here?
  • what purpose I'm doing that now?
  • How to now feel about my body? I feel comfortable to be in that position? Not clenched my jaw?
  • how I feel at this moment?
  • How do I breathe?
  • Who are these people around me and what do they do?

You can Supplement this list with questions that will bring You back to reality and my body will Wake up and grounded.

Method 2. The journey from the head to the body

1. Close your eyes and turn off the film in my head before it was shown. You can imagine a black or white screen on which, and focus your attention. It is empty and clean. Stop as best they can, the flow of images and sounds (images, if you climb, you can dim, white paint-black paint, etc. / / the volume of the sounds can be reduced, introducing the remote control; reduce to a minimum).2. Please see your breath. Finding his rhythm, depth of inhalation and number of seconds of exhalation. Feel the rise and fall of the chest. Just breathe and allow yourself in this moment, in the place where You do this technique to stay in your breathing. It's given to us not only to meet the biological needs of the body, but also to manage your emotional and physical condition (to calm the nerves and mind), so it is with the breath begin all meditations and other practices.3. Calming thoughts (step 1) and the body (step 2), you can switch to consciousness. When you're ready, walk with attention on the parts of his body. Immerse yourself in the leg and ask yourself: are those my feet? That is exactly what they I felt? (Can wiggle toes). Parametrices in a trunk and ask a similar question: Is my belly, my back? It's all just such a volume? Then the hands, the head.

Conclusion. And what is the result?

Being in your body, the feeling of its parts, the watching of the breath – it's about awareness.Disable makemessage and returning attention to the reality – it's about awareness.The above techniques are aimed, as you have noticed, just on achieving a state of mindfulness, or ‘here and now”.It come with brilliant ideas, creative solutions, insights, born plans and have the energy to implement them!At this moment Your brain is overthrown from his throne and takes his own, "servile", and You proudly sit on the throne. Remember that You should reduce vigilance (off consciousness), – and he will not be slow again You sweep. And he, Dodger, will be to divert Your attention to thinking stupid thoughts, from which the good is not. And maybe sing songs to remind you of something irrelevant from the past and whatnot. In short, to give you a sleeping pill. No, he is not the enemy, a glorified body, exalted once by the man himself. Just Wake up…

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