How to get married? 5 sure steps!


the Main tenet is that women looking for a relationship just in order to develop them that includes everything from nice people to play with grandchildren. But very many women and girls do like them are only interested in the first 4 months of courtship with a possible vagrant, but then it does not matter. br>
I do not consider here the relationship without a relationship, just sex relationship of women with someone who isn't male and the other deviation, which I understand, respect and also work with them, whether it is a congenital hormonal imbalance, or fatigue life, and in General any relations that are acquired with age and unpleasant experience. Talking about normal things.

So, you need to get married is not as simple to meet. Women's natural flexibility, patience and the ability to adapt and survive with reproduction in almost any conditions is truly staggering. But the same can be said about any other form of life, since the task of genes is to replicate, but already there though the grass not to grow (unless it is the genes of the grass, of course)). br>
But we want happiness, not just to fly and be alone with the baby and all the consequences. In this case, to listen to their feelings is necessary, but only once - when you make up the portrait of the desired men.

I call it a desperate second half of the letter where you want:
- accurately and in detail who and what kind of people, including a dimple on my chin, hair texture, nationality and habit to read or a hobby to paint, for example. 

- Next, you need to describe your own feelings that are expected from a perfect Union. 

- Then have a good feel and acknowledge how much we want it 

- and then to admit and realize that maybe it's impossible. Or a character may not be at all (which is unlikely), or very difficult to cross. 
I Really want + can not be = despair, which creates a rift between the current and the desired world. Here through it and you can get through. The letter must necessarily be sent to a close friend/friend.

And then include the brain and not compromise, no matter how much wanted to do. And like much. So much so that shakes, the roof goes and brings cheekbones, as I recently wrote in my article my friend and colleague about Tinder. It tells you the female. And she spit on your happiness and health. Buy-to give birth to-work period. br>
So you need to very clearly trenirovat all the points according to the women's pyramid of needs. Your ideal man you pleasure, peace, and inspiration, you do not need anything except to be YOUR man. In this case, it will be your protection, support and care. And ideally have a pleasure too.

This means:
1) Protection - strong
2) Support - reliable
3) Caring adult
4) Enjoyment - beautiful

exactly in that order. And so either from there or not and never will be - down with rose-colored glasses and hope, because this all leads to the expectations, frustrations, emotions, stress, thrush, indigestion, allergies, aerial and so on.

what is the trouble? That in our time, few normal men, it is a fact. And that's the kind of math I can prove this:

- All men and women about equally. So take 10:10 for roundness and simplicity. 

- Now remove all PEOPLE with serious chronic diseases, including alcoholism and drug addiction. The expense will vary around 6:9 in favour of women. 

- Exclude the bad appearance because of the lack of care. 4:8

- Emitted sexual disorders. Is 2:6.

- Mental health and psychological maturity, consistency, readiness for a serious relationship, the desire to have children is 1:5.

what do normal women, be them 5 to 1 normal man? Anything, just not to compromise and not take into account men who are worthless. Except that consciously. br>
Realizing that after installation of the child the relationship will fall apart or will be unbearable, so they will have to stop, but there is a child. In all other cases the desire itself for happiness, health and a healthy relationship - no compromises.

Great news for normal men: you have a wide choice. Great news for conscious women in this competition to win is not difficult, because most women generally act unconsciously.

total short instruction what to do:

1) Write a desperate letter to the second half. You just have to know exactly who you want, how, where, when, why, and so on. Also you must admit that really want it and it might be impossible. So removed the major blocks on the way.

2) Not tricky, not must, instead, do not wear rose-colored glasses, are not cherish the girl's hopes do not lie, do not draw eyebrows and don't put extra Boobs. All this in the end will be revealed. You are doing a long bid for life, not for playing at short distances in relationship for a couple of months or a couple of times. br>
All will emerge so that the tips of mother nature about the use of supernormal stimuli (makeup, lining, complaisance “I like” and sexuality "I'm so hot") are not working. They are only good for the organization conception on what mother nature and specializiruetsya, not having any idea about the personal happiness of a reasonable person.

3) Give yourself a real. Take care of yourself on all fronts, love yourself, Oceanites, improve your health, become coherent, interesting himself and others, real and free. And show it boldly and openly. And will attract the same young man.

4) do Not restrict the scope of the search, the type I meet on the street / on Dating sites / in the subway / on Facebook / in the bar / sea and so on. It is all the extra blocks. Your man could be anyone, anywhere. Take everything, do everything. If you really want result, of course.

5) do Not go on compromises. Same as 2, only on the contrary - about men. If you do not there is protection, support, or concern and not feel never. Pleasure, that is, its beauty, and sexuality, for example, the ability to dance has value only if the first three filters passed. br>
In the long run it will slightly compensate for the remaining under-and, at worst, will lose all meaning and will only enrage.

That's all. Nothing complicated, but a lot of difficult. So I wish you mindfulness and good luck, lovely women. You know that I appreciate you, love and admire. I wish happiness and health. Please contact us if you do not cope, I'll help.

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