of Course, I agree with you that the article title seems provocative. There are doubts: in General, how is this possible? – I will answer immediately that no one will give any guarantees, but you can try, especially since you risk nothing. And what happens, and you'll not only together, but married?

my client from Moscow the whole subject was tied for gynecological problems. She removed two tubes. The doctor said, if you want children, you need to do it faster, in the coming year. You can not procrastinate, because later on pregnancy may not be possible. And all this was decided on the doctors, in the end, they ruled that such a verdict. I must say that the girl (and she's not even thirty) half a year in a relationship with a guy for a couple of years younger than she. He, of course, too early to get married, start a family, become a father. And if you are good: its annoying that the guy used as a kind of machine for the birth of the child. It can be understood: the young man is afraid of losing his importance after the goal girls (to have a child together) will be achieved. We are not going to dissuade anyone and say that it is not. In many respects, the rights of man, and, of course, he feels everything.

My client from Moscow tried different approaches to the theme: "let's get married". She begged, insisted, demanded, asked to look at the situation through her eyes, realizing what is happening in her life and how difficult things are. But, you can understand the guy: he's at risk in this story. But since my client was a girl, I'm on her side.

at First, I, as a sexologist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, began to work in the aspect of the psychotherapy client. Some things she should change to smooth acute angles in relations, and becoming in a new position to understand the partner, not only proceed from its benefits.

Here we will help change the principles of its onslaught. I, as a psychologist-sexologist, was removed from her overbearing and unnecessary commitment in their actions that strained both by adding more orientation to your partner, and understanding guy.

Then, we eliminated the idea that: "my vision is the only correct one", because it's more in the girls. Men are different – someone is not ready to give in. There is, in principle, man is malleable and more led than leading, besides, loves the girl.

So the chance to plan to get married good. Besides, as she said: he has good genes, she met his family, everything here is quite decent. Yes, and it is advantageous that the guy is already married and settled down: so for them to be quieter.

therefore, you must make them your allies. It would work in this situation.

Next, we had to work with the girl on the theme: "he's manipulating you." Such conclusions she did based on the fact that the guy was not ready to marry. Sometimes he, like, tried to pull away and avoid hanging out as well, and sex is probably afraid of becoming a father inevitably. Here I had it all adjusted, as a sexologist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, and she gained a vision from the series: "not I, but we."

Now it will try to smooth out the rough edges, to show more attention to it, to consider the interests of man, and to move in terms of developing relationships, not based on the dominant and on some other quality for both the Foundation.

Well, then we will see... I Believe that some time my client from Moscow is still there, and with adequate and reasonable step-by-step behavior, it may achieve the fulfillment of dreams: to marry him and give birth to a child.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant. #sexologically #anorgasmia #vaginismus #seksologov #frigidity

Afanasyev Lily
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