You learned about her husband's infidelity and don't know what to do?

the woman laid the desire to keep the family together for the sake of the family, sacrificing their own interests.

the Man leaves the house as soon as it ceases to feel comfortable. And of course, he goes from a woman who no longer causing him any emotional feelings (even negative), who lost in his eyes the value and, in fact, become a stranger.

But can the second of the pair, with whom he had mutual feelings, shared memories, secrets and moments of intimacy, and especially children, suddenly become bystanders? And can we correct this misunderstanding? To re-unite their destinies and to build a qualitatively new relationship with a partner who has decided that he sees no point in living together?
Generic methods return, of course, does not exist. And, in principle, can not be, because you need to take into account the individual scenario, which led to the collapse of this family.

However, there is a General sequence of actions by following which you can significantly increase the chance to get my husband back. br>
Step 1. Disconnected.

in Other words, to distance. To form a complete emotional and informational vacuum from you. Under the most optimistic scenario this phase should last at least a month.

This time, given to you in order to calm down, soberly assess the situation and consider a plan of action. It is best that you can think of. Emotions are not the best adviser.

You will further alienate the deceased partner, if you appeal to his conscience, calling and begging to come back, run after him, to blackmail, to promise to change right this very minute.

on the Contrary, you should to keep self-esteem on top.

please Reconsider your behavior, get the whole range of negative emotions (aggression, discontent, resentment, complaints).

Increase your emotional background, breathe deeply.

Think of it as an occasion to review his life and work through the errors.

Pay attention to your appearance, update your wardrobe, go to a beauty salon, join a fitness club.

get on the path to self-development, read books about relationships, about psychology of men.

Find a hobby or think about the passion that you once abandoned because of shortage of time.

If you can't handle itself - will help the specialist psychologist.
Follow, follow.
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sincerely, your consultant Ponochevnaya Tatiana

Tatyana Borisovna
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