Alas, husbands leave. This happens for a variety of reasons. Someone voiced them, someone calls the motives that seem quite insufficient for separation. In any case, one outcome – the husband left the General area, however, you the status quo is not radically happy.

How to be and what to do if life without the beloved is not possible?

unfortunately, at certain stages of family life possible crises a relationship when a man becomes the most vulnerable as part of the family. They often coincide with a change in the usual pattern of family life – for example, pregnancy and having a baby, which switches a woman's attention. Also provoking moments can serve new interests of his wife – a fascination with the business or transition to a new, consuming more time and effort work. In these times increased the likelihood of cheating, a sudden loves on the side, and the feeling that next to a familiar "home" wife, life is dull and uninteresting.

what the result of such a situation is difficult to predict, in each case, they receive an individual development. But most real two simple choices: husband or leaves permanently (to another woman, or in the fascinating depths of bachelorhood), or returned to the family after a while.

At this stage, the woman should decide for herself whether she's ready to forgive her husband and can take it back if events will develop under the second scenario. Also she needs to decide whether to seek confirmation of his fears if evidence of infidelity was not. Usually the woman herself doesn't know what to do with the evidence, and to do something, so should I look for?
How to behave a woman who really confident that the return of her husband is what she needs?

As experience shows, the waiting game is much more effective than "enchanting" showdown, intrigues and scandals. The main thing is not to overreact and not to forget about your own dignity. Begging late husband to return, swearing and bojas be the best and most comfortable wife, you can achieve the desired, but it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with the current after this behavior relations. Besides, the man who was forced to return in response to promised him mountains of gold, or "pity", often comes back for a while. It is best not to escalate the situation, to behave calmly and with dignity, not begging nor what the former spouse, but not giving to understand that there is no turning back.

If the family has children – don't let the meetings of the father with them and his arrival in the house. You Willy-nilly have to communicate, and for you it is a great chance to prove himself a calm, balanced, positive and focused woman. Smooth, friendly relations between the former spouses and children who absolutely should not be present during the explanation of the relationship and controversy between the parents.

Try to make an effort, and again, and again, be prepared for the best. Of course, resentment and anger is understandable in this situation, feelings. So, if it does not work all the time to keep yourself – you should not blame yourself for "failures". Better to tune in a positive way, for example, to indulge in something, to meet friends, in the end, just to meditate. In fact crying and suffering your inner child who was abandoned and betrayed. And it needs your attention and care no less than your own children suffering dad's care. Support and encourage your inner child, and it will "behave well", and you will not fail.

Life is unpredictable, and any situation can be solved in the most favorable way for you, a conflict or a husband's affair can resolve itself. Now you – the woman, the husband sees a few hours a day / week - have a chance to look more profitable than one that holds close almost all the time.

do Not try to call in her husband a pity not to show how difficult it is. A sad picture of your life will contribute only to what a man wants as little as possible to see to see you, so once again not to feel guilty for something that made you unhappy.

on the Contrary, smile, update your wardrobe, do your appearance. men and women are interested in independent, calm, confident people who are able to live primarily for myself. If the woman clearly read that she is not interested herself, it is unlikely that she can count on the interest of men, whether past or future.

You need to strive to one day the mirror said to you: "This is a beautiful, well-groomed woman interesting, pleasant and informative to talk to." Don't forget, any positive changes in your life, including attracting men (past, present and future) should start with yourself. If you are not able to afford to get a manicure, a beautiful hairstyle and buy new clothes – it is unlikely that you will find forces for a more global change.

so, do not forget about yourself beloved, do not be discouraged. If even at this initial stage you have trouble, you find it difficult to switch to something else when you've never done – refer to the psychologist. Together we will be able to quickly develop an effective and errorless plan of action.

during the operation, "How to get my husband back" you should not forget about children. After all, they are currently going through a very difficult period; perhaps more severe than you. Children have extremely difficult if they constantly see mommy sad and I can't help you. Do not make the child a "friend" whom you can pour out all the accumulated grievances against the departed husband. Remember that for him it is primarily beloved father. Caused by trauma may leave an imprint in the soul of a child and affect his whole subsequent life, triggering various complexes (for example, the girl has problems in communication with men and build families of their own). This is another reason why you need to try to control myself. In the presence of children you just have to radiate optimism, calm and confidence.

If her husband left her for another woman – should not be criticized in his presence a new passion. That to criticize it you really want – okay, but remember, what you say is not for the child, but to satisfy your own revenge. Therefore it is better to try to close this subject for yourself.

to Get your husband jealous in return – a very controversial point to some men it works mobilizing, and can bring the expected positive results, others repel even more. Again, this is motivated by the desire for revenge than really need to improve your relationship. More likely to raise self-esteem is to accept an invitation to a café from an interesting colleague.

it is Not necessary to spoil relations with her husband's relatives and friends of the family. Don't conflict and recruit supporters. The formation of two hostile camps is an additional wedge in your gap.

However, to live only hope for your reconciliation with your husband – is not the best option. Remember that you still have you (and primarily), learn to live for yourself. Look around on the planet, 2 billion men of reproductive age, and for your husband light a wedge has not converged. In the saying: "If her husband left her for another – yet it is unclear lucky", the same is rational. There is a big chance that on your way you will meet a decent man who will not betray and will not deceive. However, to rush into the arms of the first available candidate, too, should not rush. Try to be very careful not to miss your chance to be happy.

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