anniversary is serious events (death, illness, loss, weddings, births, conflicts, etc.), recurring in the family with a certain temporal pattern"
This term belongs to Josephine Hilgart. She sees certain psychological patterns of their patients associated with a specific date or age!

the concept was popularized by French psychotherapist with Russian roots, Ann anselin, Stutzenberger

Surely You know the situation when someone you know says: "My father died at 40 years old, his grandfather too, so I was destined to live until that age?" or "My grandmother, mother, aunt and sister all got married at 21!", and maybe someone on the eve of a certain holiday or specific date, something extraordinary is going on, as with the sign "minus" and "plus"sign?

And remember how at first all waited with apprehension the onset of the Millennium, and then "doomsday"?

I was in January the following events:
  • Born favorite nephew, who was named in honor of the prematurely deceased grandfather (my father)
  • My wedding
  • I found out I have inoperable cancer
  • cancer took two of my friends (although they were not part of my family I really was sick with a high fever a few weeks
  • And last year found out that cancer in my brother, which burned down a month
  • it Was this month many different not the most pleasant of events
How can I other people not to fall into the trap of a negative scenario?

first of all, realize that it's just coincidence!

And, of course, build up psychological "utopanie" in a swamp of negative thoughts!
There is such a practice in constellation work, as a permissive phrase.
from the title it is clear that the phrase solve the situation, namely return to your families and loved ones of those negative dynamics (trends) that are destroying our lives, insisting on a wave of negative "messages".
Hellinger believes that many negative scenarios happen to us out of loyalty (love) to family and friends, to their fate!

these Phrases are constructed, usually based on a respectful attitude to those from whom comes the speaker.
Those who came to this world before, called: "You – big(th)", and himself "the little one (s)"
so, allow phrase might be:
"my Dear brother! I have always loved you and as much as I have been hurt, treated with respect to your destiny! I am very sorry that you are no longer with us, but this is your fate! You big, I small! You're a senior and I'm Junior! I'm just your younger sister and that doesn't mean I have to tell you your fortune! It was your destiny! And I return it to you with much love and respect! And I have the fate of the other! And I'm on my road!"
Such phrases we can say to all members of your family system with whom you associate your negative scenario!

P.S. the Coast and anchors that hold us to those shores where we are bad! I wish you all successful solutions and always ready to help everyone!
Natalia Filimonova
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