How to get out of depression.


Short article about how to pull yourself out of a negative state.

it so Happens that the internal state is disgusting and reaches the level where neither the strength nor desire to move. Dear readers, please remember that the rescue of drowning is still the handiwork of drowning. I want to share the recommendations.

  1. Hold on to your values. Do at least a little bit what you really like every day. Power we take from the values. If you like to read, read, paint and draw, collect herbarium – collect.
  2. Work with the negative, take away from you the power status. Work intensively. Every day! This is a must! It is so necessary that without it and talk about something hard. Do a minimum of EMDR.
  3. Take ice baths. It's the endorphins. Your mind forgot that was in another state. It reproduces that used to play daily. You need an alternative. Ice baths and running. Every day. This is very important.
  4. be inspired by the examples of others. Those who have achieved what you wanted. Watch motivational videos, read interesting educational books, search for information. Grow your brain and give yourself more options.
  5. Remember I dreamed in childhood. Baby state is very valuable. Remember how it was? The desire to Wake up the interest of the games, the need for training and bright desire to live. This is what we must strive now. Dream. Run yourself a positive ideodynamic.
  6. carefully Think about those images that flashed in my head. To mental dialogue. Here lies a lot of answers. Often ask yourself questions: what am I feeling right now? What do you think? Who mentally cursing and arguing? It is a reflection. Learn to listen to your unconscious.
  7. Change the environment. You need at least one person who will wholeheartedly support. Not to pretend to help, but in fact secretly to ensure that you do not come out, and it support.

Well, to dismiss the idea that someone will come and save you. It is unlikely the outcome.

it is Very important, no matter how hard it is to get out. Even if micro steps, even if it seems to run a long time – still don't give up and move on. For the sake of something. It is not so important for what exactly. Think of a meaning. And strive to embody it. If you're persistent, you will meet the right people that will help you. Good luck, friends. Health and strength!

Alena Andreevna
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