If you read this post till the end, you get a powerful change strategy thinking that you can use every day to get out of negative States and get the maximum results.

Many have noticed that the quality of our life determines the condition in which we find ourselves.

I Recently got my hands on a good amount of six zeros, but because I was severely ill with bronchitis - I did not feel the fun!

on the other hand, if we are awake and fighting condition, even the rain outside can rejoice and give strength.

Crazy full, but the way our brain.


If much easier, there are three States in which we live and create:

Depression is a state of oppression, depression, low energy and negative assessments of what is happening with us;

Passivity - a state of paralysis, compression of laziness;

the Drive as a breakthrough, motivation, strength and lift;

Note: we now do not relate to clinical depression with them more difficult.

Working with clients to advice, my task is first to change the person from the state of depression and passivity to the condition of the drive, then, from this state, create a strategy that will lead to the result.

Confucius say - never plan, being tired, hungry or sad.

the Wisdom of this phrase is that we see the world through the prism of his status, and the plan is made in a state of depression - a plan hell to achieve even more depressed!


the Nature of our state.

it is Important to understand that our present condition is determined by two things.

Focus: opportunities or threats, goals or problems, we can switch attention between a thousand different things.

If we focusareas on what makes us hurt, we get depressed.

If we focus on what we really want to get inside of us turns on the status of the drive.

the Processes inside the body: what we eat, how much time we spend outdoors, do sports or yoga, whether we breathe and how much water we consume.

the Problem of depression and passivity that is the usual state of our consciousness.

We used to sit 10 hours a day and maximum physical activity, the vast majority, a trip to the store.

Our bodies are meant for other things.

In ancient times, we were in the day about 30 miles and worked from sunrise to sunset in the fields or ran the clock for a mammoth to feed the family.

We do not use the potential of our body and the energy that we expend during the day, it begins to accumulate in the body and literally “sour”.

the Conclusion is simple: if we move and set up correctly, our consciousness, then we will get more energy to achieve their goals.

moreover, if you practice yoga or other sports tightly, then in the body there will be no place for passivity and depression!



Sheet To-do;

Take a paper and pen, write down there everything that you want from life, dreams and goals, things you want to buy and how you want to travel.

Write down anything that inspires you and ignites, thus you will give a signal to the brain, which will send your thinking from the position - I have a problem in position - I want to change.

Write down all the “mantra” that you tell yourself every day that make you feel unhappy.

You probably noticed that you sometimes wakes up vsepropalschik.

inside He starts to whine and say that nothing will come of it.

Write down as many of the mantras that he sings, realizing these thoughts you will free yourself from them.

an Example of such mantras:

- I can't Do it;

I'm worthless;

- I Have problems;

- there is no Money;

I can't change your life;

the self-programming is the process of communicating with you.

I say, do not ridicule you do yourself?

Come consciously to what you tell yourself every time and you will be surprised what will happen to you.

Write down all the habits that keep you in the current state.

As we said - as is a habit that is created from daily actions that we repeat on the machine.

Add a pair of high-energy habits and begin to practice them daily.

high energy Habits:

- Yoga

- Running

- Swimming

- Meditation

- Words of love close


Before I took up yoga and began to cultivate new habits I slept until lunch and smoked for 5 hookahs a day.

the Difference is as heaven and earth.

  • Change the focus.

the Main task - to get used to pull yourself out of limiting state.

In the previous post we discussed 3 main points of focus.

- Focus on what is or what is lacking;

- Focus on loss of control or management circumstances;

- Focus on the past or future;

If you feel that you fall into a negative state, remember three things:

  1. What do you have that you're grateful for right now;

Perhaps it is a favorite job, a loved one or the fact that you are healthy and your family support you.

  • What you can do right now that your life became much better;

this Single issue is enough to bring the situation under control, if you answer it honestly.

  • What you have going on in the present moment that creates opportunities for future improvements;

let's See - what prospects lie before you, what goals you want to accomplish, what you want to be.

Keeping these three points of focus, you'll switch its state in combat mode in a split second.


But the universe has a sense of humor and if it were that simple, then each of us would be completely happy.

the flip side of change is our personal demons.

Our shadow, the rejected part of our personality, repressed emotions that pop up at the most inopportune moment.

If a deep drop, we will see that we complete the implementation of separate thinking entity that protects us from change.

We call it the "Guardian of the threshold" .

Guardian of the threshold, is an entity, living in our subconscious that keeps us from breaking, reducing all of our results.

If you are interested to learn about how to work with your personal guardian of the threshold, then press 'like' and in the next post I will write about this.

P. S.

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If you want to find my purpose and to start to earn on it, to solve relationship problems or to remove fears and complexes, then write me a personal message and we can arrange a free introductory 20 minute call.


Daniel Nazarkin
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