Hello! br>
In this short article I would like to share with you techniques that will allow you, no matter what, to get out of any life crisis a winner. br>
First of all, let's define - what is a life crisis? br>
In our approach, we describe the condition as a lack of resources to solve problems. br>

People set goals, but there also is included the fear that it will never work.

When mental problems, feel fatigued, and hands down...literally

the result is "a syndrome of acquired helplessness" and life becomes...

In my opinion - people who are in crisis, are actually in step away from the breakthrough, when everything develops by itself, results grow eyes and become just Nemer. br>
the Main thing is to find that "switch" that will pull to the top. br>
For this we use the following technologies:

1. Clearing the mental Desk

We take the alarm clock and set it for 15-20 minutes. Take a sheet of paper and begin to write everything that comes to us in the head until the bell rings. br>
thus we remove the voltage, which does not allow to see the solution and stop the grinding thoughts of decadent ideas. br>
2. Defined gray zone. br>
Gray area, this is the place where we are confused and don't know what to do. br>
one grey area can be a relationship - it is unclear why they are one and the same scenario...

other gray zone can be money - it is unclear why they are not and what they were. br>
the definition of the grey areas will allow us to more precisely aim to ensure that we will explore. br>
3. Set a constructive frame. br>
Ask questions - I want to see instead? br>
in Answering this question we focus the brain on desired and he begins to look for ways to achieve the result. br>
the Problem is that we pay too much attention to the problems and they increase in size...

4. The study of beliefs. br>
After we clean off the mental table, identified growth areas, focused on the constructive frame - it's time to move on to the study of internal constraints. br>
For this we need a PDF file that is attached to the post below. br>
the Study of beliefs is to reconfigure reality. br>
it is Important to match the level we want to ascend and to do this we write down the beliefs that keep you at the current level, and map out according to the technique. br>
5. We put a motivational lever.

When we worked beliefs, that inside our heads there is no doubt that the result is achievable and we do not contradict themselves. br>
This is a great victory. br>
Now we need to collect all of your energy into a laser beam and direct it to the solution of problems. br>
For this we use the formula for maximum motivation, we studied in one of the posts:

6. Work with the States. br>
One ancient Greek philosopher said - emotion is a excellent horse, but a bad rider. br>
In the final step we need to curb our emotions, to help us to achieve results. br>
For this I suggest you relax and close your eyes. br>
Imagine your life already is what you would like to see her. br>
Create this multidimensional way - with images, sounds and sensations. br>
trailer Literally create your ideal life. br>
Pooschuschayte - is there in your body that resists the result? br>
If you feel the clip in your chest or discomfort in the body, you got caught in the internal conflict. br>
This means that you benefit from a crisis, though you do not realize. br>
in order to disable the last block that keeps you from breakthrough is set into this part of the question: what do you want me to give, preventing the changes? br>
you can hit.


Here are 6 simple steps that will help you get out of any crisis, save - might be useful one day. br>

If you have a question you'd like to analyze individually, then write me a personal message:

and we will contact you for a free 20 minute consultation and find your inner causes of the problems and say how to get rid of them. br>

Daniel Nazarkin
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