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In this short article, decided to share with you one principle, which illustrates well how does the internal resistance. Today let's talk about the "Gray area".br>
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Gray area, it's a state when we can't focus on one thing are in chaos and I can not get the result. br>
What characterizes a gray area? br>
- State of lethargy and defocusing;

- State. when things fall out of hand;

- Anxiety and fear to make a mistake;

- the Paradoxical life running in circles - once solved the problem returned again;

- Focus on what brings the pain on the limitations and past failures;

- Lethargy, frustration and a sense of inferiority.

- a Sense of doom and ability to manage your life;

- the Acquired helplessness; br>
the Gray area is often not realized, but is the silent killer of destiny. br>
We get into a gray area in all spheres of our life and the first exercise that I recommend doing in order to go beyond the gray area - write down all the situations of your life, getting into that feel that you were in the "gray area". br>
Then we can work through these situations and add a new>
How can I do this? br>
1. Realize that gray area is often avoided by our consciousness, but the exit point beyond it is in the correct focusing on solving the problem. br>
2. In a situation where we feel a "gray area", we lack the internal resources to exit from it. br>
Resources we may obtain in different ways:

- Emotional resources we can obtain using technology "the power circle" or "stacking anchors";

- Intellectual resources we can get by studying the right strategies and dealing with people who have already solved similar issues in their lives;

- the Physical resources we can get through proper diet and active lifestyle.

3. Fear, anxiety, and other limiting emotions should be studied using the technique of transformation of the spirit or the study of the limiting emotions;

For fast results will recommend one of the 3 elementary exercises that will help to get out of the "gray zone":

1. Write down all the grey areas in my life. Where do they appear? What do you have to lose? You will cost that you leave it as is? br>
2. Write down all of the kidnappers of your energy. What habits cause you to lose physical, emotional. intelligent energy? br>
3. The exercise of "cleaning up the mental Desk". br>
3.1 set a timer for 15 minutes and start writing on a sheet in the paper or in failin all thoughts that occupied your head and do not stop the exercise until the time runs out. br>
3.2 Reading what you have written, check off those things that depend on you ( the letter Z) and the things that don't depend on you ( letter H);

3.3 Write down a list of all the things that depend on you and rank them according to the degree of urgency of the decision. br>
you will have the main plan to get out of the gray area and reach the next level in your>
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If you want to know about the "gray zone" and about the methods of study of internal obstacles, then we invite you to take part in the training "the force awakens" details here:


Daniel Nazarkin
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