the Modern world - a world of information. nowadays, a person is going through so many things and takes so many decisions in a day as 200-300 years ago, a man took in his life.

People are increasingly exposed to various stimuli. The information that comes requires more attention and effort to its filtering and processing. Daily stressful situations often bring people out of balance.

And now more than ever it is important to be in balance. To be able to control the situation and his condition.

And of course all of this requires a lot of strength and energy.

True, the question is, where does this energy take?

to understand, I propose to recall the key success factors – health, self-development, and focus on the result.

 where to begin?

First of all, with yourself.  

to focus on getting what you want, is to begin to formulate what we want.

Consider how you formulate the goal? Do you actually formulate goals? What goals do you have? If the plan for the day? for a week? for a month for a year? And for the next 3-5 years, and 10-15?

are You Planning your future? And if you do plan, how?

As formulate thoughts? You are going To or FROM?

do you Remember the parable about flies and bees? That those others living in the same world you see? Focus on what flies, and what bee?

And this is really important. No matter where we are from, whatever it is! And when we formulate thoughts, we start to positively shape their intention of getting what you want. We give your unconscious way and, surprisingly, when we have goals and a plan of action, we are much easier and faster to achieve the desired.  After all, we don't run from problems, we go to the result.

And so the first step is to clearly formulate the goal. And this objective needs to be stated specifically and positively. And a plan to achieve it really will even help go towards this goal focusing on the result, while not detracting something foreign…

 What is so important for moving forward? In order to be strong and full of energy?

I am Sure that you will agree with me that this health!

Especially now, when we are constantly in a hurry, a snack on the run, drink a lot of sweet and often have a sedentary lifestyle…

Just imagine how it would be possible to do more cases, if we felt fine, was in good shape and full of energy.

of Course I will not discover America if I say about the most elementary things - adherence to diet and quality sleep. 

Only two points! And we all know that when we sleep, we are much more energetic and more fun. And when we eat right, we feel lightness and freedom. And I'm sure just for that is worth thinking about how to begin to go to bed on time and that it is better to eat a Burger or salad…

 wrote Lewis Carroll:

“we Need to run just to stay in place, and in order to get somewhere, you have to run at least twice as fast!”

Therefore, to become the best version of yourself is important for self-development, training and new knowledge.

And sometimes it's even easier than it seems…

for Example, training materials may be listening in the road, including an audio seminar, or informative book. Develop the brain can also use your phone by downloading a variety of intellectual game or puzzle.

as entertainment, you can choose quests and a variety of educational games with your friends or in good company.

take time new lessons. Go the new road, cook new recipes, brushing your teeth with your left hand, do what have not done. This is very interesting, expands your comfort zone and develops intuition.

Become the best version of yourself.  Refuse from watching television, and other informational noise. All that really matters, believe me, you will know from friends and acquaintances.

Focus on what's important. the reality where You are. Start planning. Articulate the goals. Get enough sleep, eat right. Engage in self-development.  Very soon you will notice how to begin a completely different, better life. And it will be a very exciting and interesting journey. The hero's journey!

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