"How to get out of the triangle of Karpman?" - part 1

This is the triangle of 3 roles: Victim - Aggressor - Rescuer that you constantly change in the situation.

Dad yelled at mom. You save the mother, yelling at dad. Dad switches yells at you. Mother saves. Agressiruet dad. Dad is back... And so on to infinity...

This is a tangle of emotions:

Anger (aggressor)
Pity (lifeguard) -
Misfortune (the victim).

What to do to free yourself from the tangle of emotions-ANGER-PITY-bad luck?

to get rid of each of these emotions! Not to test them))

Then you must answer "Yes, but ... " - and this game to pull me into the triangle😁☝. But I believe you will succeed.

Stop it.
Stop mad!
Stop bullying!
Stop being miserable and be a victim!

Remember? Each person chooses their emotions))

"How to get out of the triangle of Karpman?" (MANUAL) - part 2

Position Adult Adult.

There are three manners of communication. 🔷Parent (which is the Aggressor or Pursuer) believes that he is above, he has the right to specify, to deprive, to teach, to demand, and the other must obey. Because he is stupid and small.

🔷the Child (we'll Sacrifice) feels defenseless against the Parent in need of his help, believing he would not survive without the participation of the Parent and its desires are satisfied.

And guess who in the triangle Adult? The lifeguard? No! The rescuer - is the same as the parent😁. He also believes the Child Victim, unable to cope with the problems. Pathetic, in need of advice. He feels himself above, shall have the right to teach. And the victim next to him continues the game of helplessness and hopes that Parents will become the Rescuer. Take it to the handle, or at least ON BAIL.

So where is the Adult? And he's not here 😉.

🔷Adult is the role of the one who came out of the triangle. He believes all participants in the "older people", equal, able to solve their problems themselves. He does not put himself not below, not above. He can Express his opinion, but not waiting for submission. He is ready to accept any choice of the Adult/Victim, even continue to suffer😱. Because a free man, alas, can voluntarily choose and sometimes suffering in the name of some of his "great ideas".

(for Example, not to go on the steep work to stay with elderly parents.
Or continue to ENDURE the antics of her husband for the sake of family).

that may seem horrible. As a Parent/ Lifeguard/Aggressor you can push it to do good and get to choose your correct option life😟.

Adult, You can listen to Express yourself and make the other choice as also has the right to life.

Adult no one pursues, because it is the choice of the Victim and not the exclusive fault of the Aggressor. No regrets, because this is again a free choice. Does not consider the miserable and pathetic.
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