HOW to GET out OF victimhood?

This is an interesting process - self-pity and self-discipline. ⠀

Put a like ❤ this and write in comments the name of the webinar that you want to follow! Choose on the website: ⠀

I'm not going to write what is good or bad, I'll just write what are these feelings, what are they doing to you, and you decide what to do with it. ⠀

And the self-pity and excessive demands of themselves lead to a huge loss of strength and energy. Yeah, demanding you drain yourself, but pity you don't realise his potential, and then begin to envy and agressirovat. ⠀

In normal condition of man himself has no regrets and does not require too much in normal man just does what he wants and it's not a comfort zone, is adequate. ⠀

have You ever noticed that self-pity begin to degrade, and demanding too much from myself beginning to tire, become rude, abrupt and aggressive, incredibly unsatisfied, in the end, self-pity and demands of himself? ⠀

everything, absolutely everything should be the measure, the Golden mean. Now the fun part, how to observe it? ⠀

I'll give you the Questions, answering which you will be more aware of what you are and why you are in this: ⠀
📌I do this, I want this because I want someone something to prove or for yourself? ⠀
📌What I'm missing, what feelings, and how can I afford to give?( Love, attention, security)
📌I need saddle actually for yourself? ⠀
📌When I pity myself, when I want to shut down and run away, do I? ⠀
📌How old I was in this situation? ⠀
📌What can I do to open? ⠀

That's all friends. The answers, of course sincere, I'll show you the reality and what to do with it is up to you. ⠀
do you Feel each of my article, meditation, marathon, IT's YOUR LIFE AND ONLY YOU decide to do?

Shamoyan Zina
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