you Have low self-esteem? Are you afraid to show yourself to the world?

In your heart you "dance" reckless, and as it comes to real life cringe and hide in a hole?

Any "sneeze," which seems to you imperfect, introduces you to paint?

You, like, want to be seen, want to chat and make friends, want to be soul of the company, but you have nothing?

you think that you are defective and others are better than you in everything?

Say hi to your mom.


Your confusion and life is full of struggle her handiwork.

initially, the Mother forms the child's self-esteem and childhood "grinds" it.

do you think if you are fifteen years old was given to understand that you "so so", "better", "you're misunderstanding", "imagine", "all children as children..." - how would you feel?

Go into the world with her head held high and be excited to achieve another victory? You will smile, laugh, fool around, breathe and understand - here it is happiness, the world beautiful?

What you will have a life?

Life is lousy. Point.

there will be no laughter, no light-heartedness, spontaneity, joy and fun.

You will look around, push the shoulders, expecting another rebuke.

Low self-esteem, virus, infection - stuck on you grip, it does not cure, do not wash expensive shampoo.

This stuff is ingrained in the heart, there sits a sad little girl who's afraid to show himself to the world for what it is.

Girl afraid to be yourself - because it gives on the head, I don't like you just the way you are, ordinary, imperfect, different.

You reject, use, kicked, torn to pieces. All.

And the worst thing is that you yourself are plagued. You - your own worst enemy. Inside evil "stepmother" that is laughing and relishing your next failure.

we All come from childhood, you've probably already heard this phrase.

Yes, it is.

Childhood is a springboard to life, or for years immersed in the swamp.

We kind of grow up, do something in life, get results and try, but the voice of the evil stepmother (who lives within us) whispers to us that we are failures, unworthy, bad, and worthless.

Invite you for the webinar on April 25 MSK - How to get rid of the stepmother from my life 2.0.

We will work with your stepmother (you will have the opportunity to write in detail his story to me prior to the call and we will run through the steps on how to begin to change something in my life).

I'll give you the algorithm of actions, thanks to which you will stop yourself "to eat" and begin to respect yourself, your needs and your life.

see you at the webinar do not delay payment - the more you write your story, the more I will be able to consecrate it in the air.

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