You fear? You don't know how to deal with it? Very often, the person experiencing the fear, feel the tension and anxiety. For example, he heard what is coming upcoming reduction at work and is already beginning to worry. As a result, he lost sleep, increased irritability.

Before his eyes in the literal sense of the word are the sad pictures of finding a new job. How to live harmoniously and peacefully when the mind is constantly busy with the modeling of these images? The first thing to understand is to be free from fear is impossible. It is an integral part of life.

what do you think, is it possible to get rid of all microbes in the body? To do this, at the very least you should kill yourself. Yes, Yes! To kill your body that is just composed of bacteria, germs. If you decided to deal with the fear of disturbing you, it is not necessary to do this for one simple reason - life will give you new fears.

the Present case will save you from fear.

I honestly want to say that when I get on the plane, you feel a sense of fear. In my head thoughts fly about, land I to the destination or not. But despite this, I still get on a plane and flying. Why? Because in my life there is thing that is dearer to me than the fear of flying.

Therefore, my advice to you: "Locate the real thing." The purpose of man is to realize his abilities and talents, to live to benefit others and to benefit. Our task is to learn to give love and not hate, to show respect, and not neglect, to provide support and attention.

Listen to your heart and hear the voice of destiny. When the man realized really, he feels happy and harmonious. Time for him turns into an exciting process that captures completely. At this moment he does not think and does not even remember about their fears, which previously was bothering him.

In life there will always be difficulties and challenges

do Not need to spend time and energy to deal with them. Be a disciple who perceives the difficulties with the desire to know and to understand, what is wrong with his own behavior and character. Draw your own conclusions and go ahead, live out your purpose for the benefit of society. Everything else would be resolved. Search for its purpose and the present case – they will lead you to a happy life.

this Article was prepared by materials of the webinar Oleg Gadetsky G. "Simple truths in questions and answers"

Gadetsky Oleg
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