Love – this indescribable phenomenon! Here fell(I). And are you not aware of why fell in love(I). Love – is a complex system, which, by definition, complex systems can be presented, but may not be fully described. In this complex system. And man when falls in love, he doesn't understand why. We can say that love – it is the result of human exposure to a complex signal – that is, the components of which man is not aware of. He was affected-he fell in love.

And on the same principle – create a complex signal, acting on the organism as a whole, work and other strong impact. For example, a good do. It – very complex signals. And the book may change and the physical and mental condition of the person and even his life situation. The same principle works and management of the person using the building control situations. Create a management situation, and people have to fit into it, otherwise it will perish. And usually the person is not aware of what was happening to him and why he changes and feels this or that.

a Feature of human exposure to complex signals is that if you don't know what are the components of the signal, then you are exposed to it and are unable to resist him. You are exposed to the synergetic effect of different components of the signal. But if you decompose the signal into simple components, it is no longer used. Because the effect of the complex signal – the synergistic, i.e. the total effect is not equal to the sum of effects from each component.

So what to do to break free from the psychological dependence on the object of love and to stop suffering? (I note parenthetically that, Yes, the love – psychological dependence is the need in this man. And if people are independent from each other, no love there, they're strangers to each other people. That's why the breakup of a relationship, especially a sharp, sudden, so much gets in the soul of man: he has emotional dependence on the partner).

so, what should I do?

the Answer is obvious. We need to understand why you fell in love with this man. Why him. Moreover, it is necessary to find all underlying causes, the ones you didn't. We have to go to your childhood and understand what you missed. You have to understand also, what was your urgent need in the moment when you fell in love. You fell in love, because this person is perceived by you as such, which will satisfy this urgent need. What was this need and granted her this person? What is the probability that anyone will satisfy this need?

Love is largely based on illusions – that this person will give you what you need.

the Analysis of a complex signal of love into components, understanding why you fell in love with this person – it is a way to neutralize the impact of a complex signal of love. You disassembled into components, and “it is no longer working”. Awareness helps to get rid of psychological dependence and become indifferent(NYM) to a person which you have experienced. The whole system works. And parsed into “nuts” - it does not work. Flies romantic flair. It is necessary to disassemble! Try to disassemble or refer to the psychologist.




© Trofimenko Tatiana G.

 the author of 24 books on practical psychology.

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