psychological stress can be released, releasing him to movement, and sound.

for Example, to shout, only to do it safely. To go to nature and shout. Or go to hockey, soccer, other sporting event, and yell in there.
If the Neith in her. Usually the sound is muted and is not heard even in the next room. the
Only need to do it consciously, knowing that the way you release yourself from tension, keep track of how it goes together with a cry. Usually becomes easier. You can still cry to vistanaut his inner tension, the pain. Only again deliberately, making sure you are not in it dragged.

you Can even beat the same pillow or punching bag.
Fast walk, run, swim, do some push-UPS on the floor, chop the wood or releasing tension in some other physical exercises or household.

you Can release the tension and emotional pain silently, on paper. But it is necessary to observe safety rules. the
Starting to write, write the date, it will be the meta of the day, it will help you stay in the present. A month it is better to write the word, not a number. Then tchernia sheet horizontal solid line, with no gaps. Open, so the space and release the tension, the pain. Write and drain that out of you breaks, just don't lose awareness and see that I do it to release from what presses on you from the inside.

When you write the tension, the pain on paper, tchernia all written again below, continuous with no gaps from edge to edge of the paper. Closed, thus the space, where it leaked the tension, the pain. Then the paper can simply be torn up and thrown away.

I like this method more than once helped, and many others, as far as I know.

you Can talk about your pain to a friend, or psychologist.
When we speak, to utter involuntarily, releasing the accumulated tension in us.

Only then, it is desirable to understand and understand:

  1. From what you it is internal tension appeared to find its cause.
  2. How can I get rid of the cause of your internal stress.

and, of course, try to get rid of these causes.
If it is impossible to do it yourself, ask for help.

for More information on how to release the tension on the paper can be read in my article "a Simple psychotherapy. Drain"

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