this state are often the result of past traumatic experience, may be in some stage of grief or the stages of adjusting to the new reality, to new circumstances. Such States are often called depression. They can also be the result of ignoring their own needs. In any case, you should pay attention to the important details: physical body, emotional distress, amount of sleep, rest, exercise, fresh air, support from loved ones.

In one of his books Alfred Lingle gave this definition. Depression is a mental disorder, the severity of which is determined by the degree of impairment experiences the value of life. In simple words cracked the Foundation of the house, or a damaged root tree.

Kubler Ross in her book "On death and dying", describes in detail the stage of acceptance of the inevitability of death. In this case, I can consider any change of circumstances in my life, as dying of something outlived, to apply a similar scheme. Here, either I deny the existence of a problem, either listen to your feelings, needs, what helps get through a tough inner experiences and external circumstances.

Also, many of these States said in their conversations, and Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, for example, about despair: "Despair...When we found it in a state of mind ... we have to act. The action requires determination, courage, and we are cowardly. So easy to hope for the best; so scared to move. It is so easy to dwell and continue in the dream world; so hard to Wake up". And here we can say about the process of accepting reality and actions.

it is certainly Important to distinguish clinical cases where necessary medical treatment and cases of so-called rules. Normal adult people either cope alone, or with loved ones, knowing these conditions and being able to distinguish between their degree. Either find the courage to seek help from a specialist.

But in this case, in my opinion, very important is the ability to support themselves independently, in between visits to the doctor, or psychologist. And it is also a process that requires some effort and desire to change anything.

Attention to their own needs, feelings and desires. To recover this important base value, or to find it again, or to maintain and increase the necessary activity and actions.

Sometimes a single smile, kind word, or a good Breakfast, and maybe a casual walk, or a Cup of strong coffee. The main thing - to move and walk, or crawl, or just lay in the right direction.


Tkacheva Svetlana
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