How to grow an improved version of yourself?


And to You too as a child had heard as quarrelling parents? You also wanted to hide somewhere and not hear those screams? You are also in such moments to mentally stand on the side of one of them? Most likely it was mom. You, too, in such moments, he started mentally to hate your father? He's almost always been the reason that mom screaming and crying.

Now You have adult a woman who already has her children and husband. Does Your family the same situation when You and your husband about something arguing in the presence of a child? And it does not matter how old the child is, they all feel the same fear for my mom. Do you think that in such moments of experiencing Your child against the dad? Right, too quiet hates him at this time.

we All want our children to be happy! Forgetting that in order to be happy our child is, we ourselves first need to be happy... After all, children will never follow our advice, they can only unconsciously, to take the model of our behavior in his adult life. What sense to tell the child that You want him to be happy? Every day if he sees deeply poor terrified woman's life.

the Child is our mirror, look in it and read it yourself. Can't have mothers with low self-esteem to grow a confident child and Vice versa. Can't have a completely happy mom grow insecure immature child.

as strange As that may sound, but becoming a happier person, You save at least your nerves on the education of children. You will not need to spend a huge amount of my energy to each day repeating how you have to be to grow a decent person. Because the sample of how to do it will see every day in Your family. Children are our continuation, and as long as You are happy will depend on what will grow the improved version of You.

Our life is a very mutual thing. What we radiate, and receive in return. br>
sincerely, Anna Levonyuk.

Anna Levonyuk
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