You are preparing children for life, therefore it is very important not to get lost in recipes.

Recipe No. 1: Preparing human food violations

Take one healthy child, starting from an early age to praise him for what he has eaten, and deliberately upset if he has no appetite.

explain to him every day and decide for yourself how much and that he needs to eat, not paying attention to his preferences and appetite.

As a seasoning take admission "a Spoon for mom, spoon for dad". Can be included in a seasoning of other relatives and friends.

Voila! After a while you have next to the child with impaired appetite and eating disorders. Chances are good that you grow a person prone to obesity. Good for you, because the full — so kind, and the world needs good people!

Recipe No. 2: preparing a helpless man

the Recipe is simple, because it does not require complicated ingredients, you only need desire and a good mood. But are cooked long enough — we need to be patient.

In this recipe the main thing is not to concede early age. Miss it, and the child, God forbid, will grow up independent and tough.

Take one healthy child early age. Once the kid is confronted with any difficulty, immediately rush to help and get involved. For flavor you can gently Pat on the head and say "there, there, someday you certainly will succeed". Such a child, try not to give the job around the house (he may be tired), do everything for him — if not you, then who is he in your life will help?

after a while you will notice that the child:

  • avoids to try something new,
  • refuses to participate in group activities
  • often cries if he can't do something.

This means that everything is going according to plan. Your efforts will rewarded the man with "learned helplessness". In life he will feel anxious and insecure in this world. Good for you — but it will not be aggressive!

Recipe No. 3: Prepare aggressive person

For those who still love surly. With this recipe not everyone copes, a lot depends on how childhood was preparing you.

Take one healthy child. Begin often to criticize, yell at him, physically punished. Yes, Lasher is an integral part of this recipe. More swear and fight with family in front of the baby, thus explaining that force is the only way to resolve the conflict.

  • Better not to have him Pets
  • do not read him good stories,
  • show more aggressive cartoons
  • drive it on terrible movies.

Recipe No. 4: Grow ulcer

Take one healthy child and begin to criticize and curse at the table while he eats. On a regular basis. While he will lose appetite and not developed resistance reflex "food critic". Now's the time to periodically reinforce the reflex peregivaite sometimes for dinner.

If the child has had functional disorders of the pancreas or other digestive organs — you are on the correct path, continue in the same spirit!

Recipe No. 5: the troubled man

the Child grows up the more alarming and boyslive, the more anxiety you have. In no case did not refer to a therapist for help, often better to go to the doctors, preferably in different ways, and read more about their symptoms on the Internet.

Now take one healthy child and begin for him to worry all the time:

  1. Let's get more recommendations.
  2. More use of the particle "no" then tell me, what could or should happen unpleasant. For example: "don't go without my mom to fall", "don't ride a bike fast — crash", "don't get on the Swedish ladder — hands unclench, and you will fall", "don't eat ice cream — sick", "don't eat the sweet — will hurt your teeth", "you can't pet this kitty — I have somehow been infected", "drop that stick, knock his eye", etc.
  3. it is Advisable to periodically tell the child stories about other fictional children who do not listen to their mother, and then something happened.
  4. Better for these children not to give in the sport, not to go to the pool — and then meet a good coach, and the alarm will go away.

Recipe No. 6: Grown sickly child

Recipes for this dish can be several. Offer you the most simple.

the point is to have one healthy child and patiently to wait for it to move Priorat. As soon as he's indisposed.

  • remove all the criticism about him, if such were,
  • to relieve him of all duties,
  • to do everything for him (picking up toys, making the bed, etc.)
  • buy is just delicious
  • allow to have everything he wants, even if these products were previously banned.
  • Show a lot of cartoons,
  • allow to play computer,
  • remove all restrictions on viewing.

If you are a working parent, take sick days to stay home with the baby and often to play with him. More reliable way is generally to quit your job to constantly monitor his health and treat. Do not forget at the child mark what his weak immune system, and that while it hurts you even to work can not get out.

Often sigh, looking with sad eyes at the child and tell him if what he is sickly and weak, discuss all with the grandparents, they age become anxious, will help you to cope better with this recipe. In any case, it is not quenched the kid, dress him warmly, the house is not open Windows, at least ventilate the room.

the recipe Book will be updated, please leave your comments and questions will acquaint you with a new recipe.

the Condition for all the recipes on the cultivation of neurotics:

in Any case not seek the advice of psychologists and psychotherapists sometimes they spoil in one sentence everything you have to start over!

To help you, let there be the Internet!

Milov Larissa
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