How to grow talent

Every parent knows that his child is special. And it's true. All children come into this world with their unique abilities. But unfortunately not everyone turns to develop them. How to help your child not lose its uniqueness? How to be a parent, which made for a child everything ? Those who saw the talent, took him in a circle, chose a mentor that has invested the time and money that controlled his life . And most importantly, the result was what I wanted. And it is not so difficult task what it seems . Just trying to do good , be careful, take your time, ask yourself questions.

the first Question. "What I want, match the child's age?" When we force a two year old child to read, four years to be diligent, a six-year cope with the primary school curriculum , it is not always beneficial. Even if the child copes, the problem is not age can cause major difficulties in adult life. Years 5-6 the most important thing you need to be fed to the child, it is the experience of unconditional acceptance and love and this period is the most important task of development. This , of course , is not a complete lack of education and regulations. But at this age it is important to know that you are loved and accepted for who you are. Then the child develops important inner knowing of "I am valuable and loved". This knowledge provides a Foundation for all human life. Will it be enough to trust ourselves and not to rely solely on others. You can withstand the blows of fate, the periods of loneliness and misunderstanding , without which it is impossible to keep your talent and to maintain uniqueness .

by the age of 7-8 objectives of the development change. Not because the love is no longer needed, but because this part is nourished, formed inside the parent the message "I am valuable and loved". The child appear the ability to strong-willed efforts. However, the increase and demands of society. Have school responsibilities, must be diligent in the classroom, to do homework. The task of parents is another. Not only to maintain, like a child, but to insist on what you do not want ,but need. For example, he does not want to solve problems in mathematics, behaves badly in class. Already is not always necessary to protect and justify the child's favorite. Even if you think that he is right and others are wrong. It is necessary to explain : "there is curriculum, is the opinion of the teacher and other people, it must be considered." Otherwise we begin to raise children who think only of themselves and do not notice others. Parent message in this period sounds a bit differently: "I see you're hard. But I know you can do this. And I love you." And the older the child becomes , the more it appears that it should handle. The less his reliance on parents and more on themselves. But it is very important to what he needs, consistent with his age and development. And it was always compensated by a parental love which is assigned becomes its own interior. These children are not afraid to take risks, to make mistakes, to take on something new, they are rarely alone and often succeed.

the second Question. "What I require from your child, have him or is it my unrealized dreams and unfulfilled ambitions?". If a parent is a career hockey player, ballerina, scientist did not take place, there is a great temptation to implement it at the expense of the child. Instead authorisati your dreams and accept that not everything in this world it's possible to realize that the parents are trying (with the best of intentions ) to impose their desires on to children. But there will be great difficulty for parents and children. Parents run the risk of spending your life on something that does not need their child and meet not receive one, even under the most positive scenario. And the child will spend its life on the embodiment of the aspirations of the parents and miss the opportunity to do what he likes and what he is truly talented. Therefore the task of parents to see their child of person not only similar, but also different from them. With other skills and even values. And then, well , on the one hand, not to discount the talent , and on the other, allow yourself to experience what your child is only an ordinary man. And he doesn't have to be a genius.

the third Question. "What's going on with the rest of the child's life, in addition to develop his talents?" If he has communication with family, friends, free time. Family is very important. Resources inherent in the family , to cope with the vicissitudes of life. In our country these values are torn down a difficult history. It is important now to restore them. Family holidays, traditions, communication with grandparents, the knowledge of his family history, joint activities with parents. All these things give stability to the child , which is very little in a rapidly changing world. And are a good immunity to be able to cope with very fast flow of modern reality.

it is Also important to understand whether the child has friends or communicating with their peers is severely limited , for example, social networks. Children who have not learned to build relationships with their peers, and are unable in adult life to build his life in the team. It is difficult for them to cope with competition and more to experience in her excitement. They are hard to survive even a minor error , since they have no opportunity to observe the mistakes of other children and to learn that mistakes are necessary for development of a part of life. It is difficult for them to seek the support of friends. All of these skills we acquire in childhood, among peers, in real communication .

to have the ability to go beyond the social framework , zaskrtnute thinking, a child needs free time. The life of modern children painted so tightly that the ability to manage your time is not growing. The child ceases to understand what he wants, what is important, how to use the time outside that schedule. Also due to busy schedule, children have lost sensitivity to the need for rest and relaxation. The child is always in tension, which is not noticed and becomes habitual. But often affects the health. The inability to understand the reason of frequent illnesses of the child - strong parental concern. And the reason may be very simple, the period of illness is the only time in life when the body can relax and relieve chronic stress. Finally have some free time, there are no impossible duties surrounding interested in your status, and not grades and success.

Therefore, in order to help the child to develop their talents, you should follow a few simple rules to live by. Love and accept him the way he is, he is already perfect and unique, just because I was born into this world. The best raising a child is the observation of its development and maintaining a balance between being able to give support when it is needed, and not to interfere if their own resources to cope already. Be patient and attentive to what he says and does is your child, it is not always easy, but no one better than him knows about his desires and abilities. Don't be afraid to go beyond the habits and patterns of social life. And most importantly, remember that you are the best parent for your child and you know the best how to raise him.

Vinogradova Galina
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