Tanya gave birth at sixteen, not even graduated from high school.

Elena found out about the pregnancy daughter's too late, which allowed Julia to come in this world in which no one was happy.

Elena was ashamed early granddaughter.

And Tanya, it seemed, only cared about boys, clothes and parties.

Elena worked hard and bought the granddaughter of fashionable jumpsuits and bright toys, I try to compensate nepotist daughter.

Returning from work, Elena, was often found alone, hysterically crying Julia:


"ran away Again to the bash, slut!" ‒ in the hearts of the abused daughter Helen and granddaughter popped a bottle of formula milk. Julia grew iskusstvenniy, because Tanya did not want to feed.

Early in the morning the door creaked. Elena met the prodigal daughter with the punches.

"Mom, I'm not a slut, I want to love!" cried Tanya

thirty years later

Julia was married twice and countless times tried to build relationships with different men. In every one of his men is looking for Julia and finds unconditional love.

at First, everything goes well. Julia is beautiful, covered in his mother, Tatiana.

For Julia, as for Tatiana, no problem to attract the attention of men.

So cozy to lay next to him, his nose buried in his chest. He whispers gentle words and showered with kisses, and then leaves, first for a long time, and then forever.

And then she wakes up in Julia, little Julia, who screamed until blue in the face, calling her mother, and she did not come. She now shouts with the same tone, not only "mA-MA-Aah" and "Mi-Sha-Aah" or "Ne-da-yayaya"

"I'm not depraved, I want heat!" ‒ Julia, almost word for word repeats the word mother.

And somewhere in the past forty-odd years ago

Little Tanya is crying in the night at the window for five days of kindergarten, where it identified the hard-working Elena...

Julia again and again dissolved in the relationship. Tried byte

  • Udobnoi
  • Jenstvennoy
  • Seksualnoy
  • Hozyaistvennoi
  • Interesnoj

And could not understand what's wrong with it? Why men took her for granted and left to the others who tried so hard?

Thinking about it, Julia again became little Julia, who once sought the love of his mother, her name was! Name was not dozvatsya

  • From the cry broke the voice
  • Tears burned his eyes
  • Michael, Peter, or Athanasius did not hear her, as once did not hear the mother.

Julia went to therapy. Now she

  1. Treats your Wounded Inner Child
  2. Becomes a Loving Mother
  3. Finds love and integrity inside
How to restore the interrupted movement of love toward the mother? Methods

P.S. for A start, Julia has restored the interrupted movement to the mother

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Natalia Filimonova
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