How to identify a liar?


How to determine that the person is cheating, and to understand the causes of cheating?

it is Possible to allocate following signs of fraud:
1. People can confused to speak, to stutter, to repeat the same word or phrase several times.
2. The person is not looking directly at him, drops his eyes to the floor or attaches to the side. Typically, this is a shame.
3. Talk about anything, a lot of unnecessary sentences that distract from the main topic.
4. Quite often liars use this phrase, "Well, I'll tell you" and then telling some part of the truth or invent a temporary excuse ("indirect" however, to tell not so catastrophically scary) to cover the basic essence of deception.
5. The visible tension in the body (but not always this is clearly a lie) often raise the shoulders, one can observe the closed posture.
6. Quick response to questions – a man has premeditated and prepared blanks answers.

In General, accurate methods for the determination of no deception, everyone is different (some are sensitive about lichidelor ton (shy, scared, ashamed), so start acting like cheating. Why is there a desire to cheat? Often it's a defense mechanism of a man – he's afraid he will be punished for their actions; blames himself for bad things that can enter a partner's or other people again in the state (anger, sadness, resentment, etc.); be ashamed for ruining a perfect picture of yourself.

Cheating is always a question of couple relationships. The most important aspect of the partner's response to the truth (speaking the truth to one of the partners is insecure, he will cheat).

There is a category of people who are accustomed to the constant deception at every step – nothing will happen if a bit of spice to the truth. The root of the problem in this case, you need to look for in early childhood – in the parent object. If the child did something wrong, like he wanted parents, he was blamed, shamed or punished often, often beyond measure. As a result of this injustice, the child began to deceive parents and, as for adults, continues to lie. Thus, it protects itself.

overall understanding on external signs is cheating or not hard enough. But we need to know the truth? If the person is not ready to hear
the truth, better not to ask.

There are people who need to know the truth by any means in order to control the situation, so they are interested in all the details (Just did it? And how did, right? That said, why so upset?). For another person it may sound as an attack, so it begins to defend herself and her dignity through deception. In addition, there is another protective function of deception is one participant in a conversation wants to protect second from the pain.

Thus, to determine whether the person is cheating, symptoms of guilt, shame and fear on her face. Maybe deep in my mind there is a fear that is associated with individual experiences. However you need to remember that everyone is different, everyone has certain traits and behaviour. The best option is to listen to your intuition in each individual case. In addition, consider the following fact – if a person is convinced that he is cheating, the surrounding will never know the deception.

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