How to identify the "dark" side of personality

I am often confronted with the fact that people come to me, their advantages and disadvantages thinks has suffered severely on this occasion. This thread, the topic of rehabilitation unfairly maligned merits, we dedicate several sessions with the aim not only to remove the slander on them, but also learn how to use them in all its variety of application.

In these cases I say:

- If what you think is a disadvantage in itself, once rendered a good service to save your life, honor and dignity, and also helped with honest labor earn your living needs, this trait is not a disadvantage. This dignity of your personality, You just don't know how to use it correctly and in the right place. People take years to learn what You have to learn how to use it.

I Suggest to think a little bit and look at this subject from the other side.

the Disadvantage is considered to be a "bad" character, but if you read that word - lack of - is what is lacking. Right? We say, "I Have a lack of funds" or "I Have a lack of skills in this area" and so on. As with what is not, can I fight it? On the one hand.

on the other hand, it's my fault, that I'm missing something, it's part of me. How, then, can I fight it? What this fight can bring if anything I don't like the deficit? In this case, laziness, indifference, cruelty, etc. can hardly be called faults, they are likely in full, and lacking just the opposite traits: interest, care and kindness.

Just take, and take something impossible as a Holy place is never empty, but to substitute one for the other completely, but for this you need awareness and conditions for the development of the necessary features.

But truly "dark" side, it is possible to identify one simple way is to imagine yourself the author of all conceivable crimes.

How far will you take your imagination, what would you have been able to, if it were not for social, moral and ethical framework?

And if you were able themselves to answer this question, then the rest of you can calm down, because you don't do the things that could...

Tayurskii Tatiana
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