How to implement the plan and achieve goals?


Since childhood we are actively taught that if something really want, then it is necessary in any cost to achieve it. The setting is just wonderful, there is a significant BUT! Very often we fail to force yourself to work systematically on the realization of a dream. Why is this happening?

  1. mainly due to the fact that our objectives are defined from the outside - other people or circumstances. Therefore, it is important to realize - plan Your personal or dictated by others. If YOU cannot affirmatively answer this question, You will have to go back and go through again the steps Above.
  2. another reason may be the lack of faith in themselves and their abilities to achieve results.
  3. Lazy "comes up" from the second cause. When You don't believe me, then come up with various excuses to look for reasons. It works Your subconscious mind as if to justify Your words: "It's not me, it's the other's fault that I can't do it". In this case, I can only say one thing - apparently You don't really want to have carried out scheduled. Decide finally what You want indeed!
  4. You are fond of careful planning in the implementation of goals, constantly make changes in the business and the timing and execution of the plan fades into the past. In the end - time will pass, and nothing has been done. What's next, You again get behind the plan. And everything repeats in a circle, and You - nothing. To act so foolish!

After analysing his pattern of failure conceived You can come to me for advice for study techniques: Schedule "a" (planning method), "I", "Confirmation", "the Power of imagination" (methods of self-hypnosis, specificity, and positive thinking), "I see" (a method of relaxation).

If you have decided to spend less time and energy to achieve the goal, to make a "working" plan and motivate yourself to execute it, to stop dreaming and start to act, harmoniously combining work and personal life, the course "Methods of time management" for you. In the program equipment: SMART, life balance wheel, the Gantt chart, matrix, Eisenhower and Stolypin, the Pareto principle, as well as familiarity with the concepts of "sinks", "the interrupters" and "traps" of time, ways of achieving unimpeded. This course is structured in the format of the workshop in individual or corporate mode, and will be useful for people who have multitasking things at work and at home. Sign up for the course! Details VC: kate_psi43

I Wish You success in achieving balance with itself and the world around you! Be happy in their own way!

Ekaterina Agafonova
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