When a client is looking for a task assignee (whether a psychologist, designer, consultant), it always starts from what the value will be one or the other specialist. And it is clear that the more significant they seem to your contribution in the eyes of the customer, the more chances that he will pay you. Another question. How to increase the value of their services in the eyes of the customer, how to convince him that you are the right one he was looking for? This is what we'll talk.

The easiest method to show your value in the eyes of a potential customer is to show him my portfolio. Nobody can dispute the experience.

Therefore, your job number 1 is to make my portfolio. Clearly describe what and how you've done, ideally, give customer testimonials and e-mail the last.
Make all in a beautiful pdf document and place on your website or anywhere you like.

Where to get a portfolio when you have no completed projects?

Start to do them, for free, for a pittance, to fill themselves on the projects, even if you for it just say thank you. Most importantly, make a fucking portfolio to prove to potential clients that you are the essential that they need!

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