How to increase your income? A proven step by step plan


people who are employed, there is only one way to find financial prosperity in life:

  • This method is called "work" — they have to work, work and work again.
  • Work more, work harder, come to work early and leave work late in the evening.

And so — all life! But, at the same time, a positive financial result is not guaranteed, because at any moment the work can be lost.

* It is easy to lose but hard to find (especially hard to find a good job is after 35-40 years).

that's why I call "on the head" and start doing something differently with their finances — do something else with their money, to create multiple sources of income (apart from your main job), learn to properly invest and acquire assets.

  • Yes, I agree, it can seem complicated and confusing, but is there another alternative?
  • it is Possible for life to go to work and still in adulthood to remain without money, without savings — as the saying goes, "the broken trough".
I Recommend readers of this article to develop your own terms of the notorious "financial freedom" (and move at your own pace, without looking at those who ran faster or who started out in a more favorable starting conditions).

What key points should be in this regard:

1) the Ability to earn money.

Contains a detailed answer to the question — how exactly am I going to increase my current income (skills growth, career growth, like a master virtuoso of his craft).

2) the Ability to save money.

Means a relentless struggle against the cult of consumerism and the excessive squandering of money (if You use your money, then You are doomed to work forever).

3) Ability to be Rentiers.

Each of us will have to "teach" their money work for them (through regular investment portion of their monthly income to generate substantial financial capital — and begin to live on the interest from it).

* In the most serious cases included the sub-item "getting Rid of credit according" (according to statistics, every second family has a loan — as you know, loans no good financial plan is not lead).


  1. to increase your income, you can't just start earning more today than yesterday.
  2. Each of us have to master financial literacy to develop your personal plan of motion in three vysheozvuchennoy directions.


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Stuart McPhee
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