How to inspire your man

we All remember the story of Henry Ford and his wife, he was considered crazy, and she in spite of everything, been with him all night in the cold garage, so that his hands grew numb. What is the result we know – he created the first experimental car, something unthinkable in those days.

so she, you say, a great woman who inspired your man on the Grand opening. How did she do it? Let's start with the fact that Henry Ford was a genius from birth, otherwise he would not be able to do what he did. And now look at your man, does he have goals, aspirations, dreams? Whether he is doing something to achieve them? Or is he the divan Bob pajama set, and you so strongly want to make him the Henry Ford. And if so, then the problem is not Bob, and you. The Bob in this life are satisfied, the sofa he has, they have a single organism, the TV is also available, sometimes even a newspaper to read everything. So you are one person trying to do other courses, perhaps some visit or books clever read, sometimes Bob, under your pressure and makes some tentative attempts but without the sincere desire, the result can not be.

Here is only to recognize that you chose Diwali Bob and Batman he will not become like you do not like. Why did you choose not Batman? Very likely the next option that in your family my mother worked for 10 hours to support his family, then came home, cooked, cleaned and went to bed after midnight. And dad at the same time, the newspaper was read. Your mother was not wife for your dad, he was like my mother, who was allowed, forbidden, and took all important decisions. Here and there you have the image of her husband, which certainly need to educate.

But her husband is adult man and formed person, it is impossible to train like a dog in the circus and most importantly not necessary. And you are not your mother and therefore unable to exit the script and stop being mommy for her husband, become each other equal partners. Yes, the sofa Bob is unlikely to make millions, but it can be at least a great father and a great cook. Divide chores, create opportunities to spend more time with the child. Most importantly do not yell at him as soon as he, in your opinion do something wrong, such behavior lost all desire to do anything at all.

the Wife of Henry Ford, which, incidentally, was the name Clara, sincerely believed in her husband and his success. She tried instead to create a car, take a Bank loan, so the process went faster and issue 33 not petition the Council, it just was there with her and her husband and supported him. So if your men happened difficulty, but not in a hurry to get on the horse and ride to settle everything. He is a man, strong and smart, and he'll be fine, and you will certainly say that you believe in him and is willing to be there.

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