How to instill in your child a love of reading


Today many parents are sounding the alarm: children do not read, do not like and do not want to! Their "force" to do it? What can I help you?

let's Start with the fact that all imposed by force usually causes rejection. Therefore, methods of "nastavlenie" definitely should be reconsidered.

in addition, love a child to read depends on if I love to read by their parents. Ie, what the child observes in the family. Dad is watching TV and mother talking with her friends on the phone? Then you should not complain about their child, and it is better to start with yourself.

nikitosik parents rarely grow up reading children. Do you like to read? Why? The answer to this question lie the roots of the problem.

Why should a child read, if no one in the family cult books? It has no must model the behavior in front of the eyes. He does not understand the advantages of reading. The pros are looking for and are interested, teach your child to enjoy reading.

In the Soviet Union, it was fashionable to read. Many books have been banned, others rare. To get them was difficult. Bookshelves in the apartments were full of intellectual property.

what we see today? Books submitted for the trash. The house is a few romance novels and detectives, at best. Instead, they now glow gadgets, replacing entire libraries.

I Remember as a child my dad read my sister and I before bed. We breathlessly followed the adventures of Nils with wild geese, worried about the Nutcracker and the Dwarf the Nose. Read some of the books have dragged on for many evenings in a row. And, importantly, the Pope himself took pleasure from the process, he, too, was interesting. And children are always very sensitive.

If the parent that every child's gentle voice reading to him, concerned leafing through books and focused on her baby, the child understands that this is something important. What to they do, the kid may not know it yet, but skin feels that it's important. And when Your child holds a book and pretends to read, look at him with pride and love, then he would not let her leave.

a Little older than he, listening to the book, is the magical images they create with your imagination.

With older children, you can arrange a joint reading aloud. And with teenagers to discuss their favorite books.

Yes, this takes time and desire. But everything is in our hands.

Sokurenko Anna
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