it's Hard to deny that dreams are  amazing  phenomenon. And always after waking up is very interesting to remember what was about.&When we dream, our body and brain are  absolutely unique condition.

as soon As you start to fall asleep, your brain paralyzes all of your muscles except eye and your cortex, the logical part of your brain basically shuts off.

Your visual area of the cerebral cortex - the part of your brain that associates visual images with a value.

Your hippocampus the memory center of your brain.

Amygdala - the part of your brain that associates emotions with your memories, secretes hormones, and explains should you be afraid of something.

in fact, your brain is also active during sleep,  as during waking hours.

However, despite years of research, nobody knows why we see dreams.

the Two main theories are that dreams carry hidden messages from our unconscious that are disguised symbolically in order not to overwhelm us with truth, and that dreams are simply the daily balance washed out of our brains as a way of organizing information.  

Regardless of which side you're on, pay attention to your dreams is a powerful practice.

As horoscopes, dreams are ambiguous, and have only a subjective value. What you plant your dream, is what gives him value, whether this value is hidden in the dream or not.

have you Heard the expression ever “You know the truth, just because you feel"? Your dreams provide a rich environment for investigating what you believe to be true or untrue in relation to the experiences through which you pass.  When someone offers an interpretation of your dream ,  and you know it not so, in Your opinion , is a false interpretation , because on some level, you know what is truth.

One of the methods of interpretation of dreams, which portends a particularly good study of your dreams is to imagine that every thing in the dream represents a part of you . For example, suppose you dream that you are riding on the Ferris wheel and it suddenly stops at the top. When you sway back and forth, you look down . You suddenly hear the horn of the ship, then Wake up.

Here's how you can start to explore the dream:

Ferris Wheel spins in a circle and are intended for entertainment, usually children.  Part of me goes in a circle just for fun? Is part of me being childish? 

Ferris Wheel stopped.  do Not want any part of me to stop doing what I've always done for fun? If a part of me to stop going in a circle because of a certain solution or child behavior ? 

Wheel was rocking back and forth when it is suspended in the air, which should not be, and this is usually a dangerous / scary situation.  Part of me moves back and forth, deciding to stop or start something? If I feel or  a part of me stuck? Is there a part of me that deals with dangerous activities? Is there anything in my life something that should not happen and that worries me? 

You suddenly hear the horn of the ship.  Part of me is calling, so I took something on Board? Can you feel any part of me left behind, until the person or opportunity “sail”?

the more you ask themselves these research questions, the more clarity you can find in relation to what you feel and why. Because dreams can be confusing and non-linear writing your interpretations and questions can be especially helpful in their analysis. If you continue to see the dreams that seem relevant, but you seem to be unable to extract a clear meaning, analyze them from a specialist.


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