How to justify the confidence of the child


my Dear, if you child says something, and you are outraged to the limit, breathe, chew gum, count to one hundred and fifty, but not attacked him the full power of your righteous emotions. Otherwise he'll tell about their everyday to someone else. As an option - understanding the stranger on Facebook.

What exactly are you outraged, does not matter. If the child told you about the teacher's crap and you will be immediately smitten with anger, he will regret his frankness. Children rarely expect us to fire and sword. They feel good contexts and understand that misplaced zeal does not so much solve their problems much worse. Keep as long as Nordic vitality.

Put shared something monstrous about a classmate? Moreover chew the cud. Group and intra-group hierarchy - things complex; there are many nuances that should be taken into account before jumping into the attack. The attack is over, and the child will remain in the group.

the Kid confessed in a terrible crime? Thank the gods and meditate on your navel - you folks are great, since you so trust. Your son or daughter see you as balanced people, and not a team of executioners, so don't frighten off the happiness is a movement of eyelashes.

to Think, what to do with all this, you will be late, a cool head, and yet:

- listen in silence, while the child does not talk, preferably with a sympathetic expression. Don't interrupt, don't rush, don't shout, "what a nightmare";

- userchoice his dominant emotion: "it Seems that you are very upset/disturbed/angry;

- ask how he sees the way out of the situation. What would be the ideal solution, and something more or less acceptable;

- ask if he waits for your help and kind;

- we Express our support for him.

- if necessary, promise to reflect on what was said and get back to talking again.

In conclusion I want to say that trust is one of the most important values in our life, especially when it is directed from the little man. Let's try to show that we are worthy of that trust and that we know how to deal with situational emotions, to be close open and persistent.

Oksana Fadeeva
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