first, if the desire is contrary to common sense, it won't come true.

of Course, this is a very sensitive issue: on the absolute common sense can not claim no. And those who endlessly repeated a variety of Edison and the Wright brothers, their invention doesn't work, it is perfectly proved. But still there are things simply impossible.

secondly, it is difficult to come true the following wishes.
a) Correctly focused.

Let Nehta wants a big hole (what? Nehta, judging by the name, a strange man, and desires he may be strange, their performance is usually not reflected ;))

If the question (better to yourself, not to lie) "Why do you pit?", Nehta blissfully smile and say something like "Love hole" is a sign of a well-focused desire.

If will be chattering about the fact that it is a hole in the Heffalump - focusing is clearly a problem. Most likely, Nehru need not so much a hole, how to catch a Heffalump. So let think better: what if the Heffalump is not in the pit caught, and go on whistling?

b) Two or more desires inconsistent with each other.

All the same pit, the same Nechto. He wants the pit, and still wants a flat lawn, covered with red tulips. Well, well ;)

Such desires are very difficult to be fulfilled. First, we need to allow them to agree among themselves and become one with desire. For example (one of 100500 variants, each with its own) - a flower bed around the hole :)

third, the fulfillment of a wish depends on the balance between the force of desire and the complexity of its implementation.

Maybe Nehta only does that pit digging. Or he has a good excavator. Or indebted to a friend-amarapali, which for the happiness of Nehru to dig a hole - so the debt became smaller. Then Nehta will be in the hole before realizing she needed it still or not.

And if Nehta - slender type, dig a hole does not like and fears, and in General - knowledge worker? Then it is likely that, sticking one or a shovel in the ground, Nehta understand that the pit he does not need. Not that he likes these holes. Just got sick. Of course, if he does not have in debt other-emocapella ;)

However, the energy of desire just won't settle. But in this case, the choice of ways of their implementation it is better to be a smart guy ;)

Anna Zaytseva
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