On the threshold of the old and the new year you have a choice: to leave the fears and anxieties in the past, or take them with you.

There is only a moment between past and future... I'll show you how to use it to their advantage. The article is a joke, and therefore very serious.

Why did you come to the New year and where is the alarm?

Know why the new year will come to each house and you have the look?

Because you are waiting for him!

If you expect trouble, she comes to you, even if the Blizzard and the frost.

Fear is a momentary thing. Anxiety almost forever.

Alarm is the tree that fell on the road and blocks your passage. The roots of this alarming tree rooted in the past (where you are scared), and the top of it in the future.

What is this you ask?

Alert log walking funny and prevents you from moving on.

a Parable about the power of the present moment

was Found at the crossroads disciples 3 theological schools, and began to brag about whose Teacher is stronger.

the First says: "My Master is the strongest. It can 7 days without food and water in the meditation".

the Second says: "No. My Teacher much stronger. He was buried in the ground. He sat without air for almost three days."

Third thought and said: "The strongest is my mentor. I'll prove it. When he wants to sleep - sleep. When you want to eat - sits down and eats. He is always cheerful and happy".

As you can see the path from anxiety to joy is through healthy sleep and food.

Restrictions - shortest way to anxiety. Bright future easily gets you in a joyful mood.

How to leave anxiety and fear in the past year

a representative of the school path of a Tree as it is said: "what I fear about it and will stumble". And he was right.

If you stumbled and stuck in fear and anxiety you already waving a white handkerchief.

You are free to leave fear behind and move forward tread lightly.

  • HUP. draw anxiety in the form of a snowman.
  • Do. Think of the spell. For example, "figure burns the snowman melts like".
  • Do three. Figure light. While the snowman burns, chant the spell. Ashes gather and preserve.
  • Do four. Come out in the new year's eve and stand on the road to face the wind.
  • Do five. Put the ashes over my head and let the alarm will blow a snowstorm.

go Bold step into the New year. Now the alarm won't be able to block the path of your plans.

Write in the comments your anti disturbing the spell. It is possible in verse. All authors of magic words will get very interesting book as a gift. It's called "Courage".

Share your new year ritual of fearlessness in the social networks and understand how you can not eliminating the tree-trouble with the road, to pass through fear to a brighter future.

Express fears and anxiety in the past year. Believe me it is you!

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