How to change my life, nothing did we make?

We live in the era of the bustle. This means roughly that if you want to be happy, it is necessary to do something. And if you want to be successful – to do it too. Even change to something his attitude to change you, so also do you. Even saying "I Want to be happy – be" means that happiness is worth fighting for.

And I say no. No need to fight for happiness. It is either there or not. The trick is, you interfere with it to occur, or do not interfere.

Psychotherapy is the path of non-action.

When something happens in your life, the first thing you start to do "business". You think what to do to avoid it, whether it's a crisis, quarrel, lack of money or love.

Exactly the same happens in relationship with other people who have done something in life. You begin to counsel, certainly even want to do something for a person.

to Do always. To do for all. A road to nowhere.

We seek to remake reality, other people and themselves. We are constantly driven by a life under the standards, but changing the other person, you have nothing. And to change it is useless.

What to do? Relax? Not to try?

Yes. People change not when making frenzied attempts to improve yourself. And not when trying to put the other person good and to cause the affection.

a Person changes in that moment, when it becomes itself and returns to who he really is.

it is Paradoxical but true.

Your life begins to change in the moment when you accept yourself.

How to accept yourself – you may ask. Learn to feel, to realize, to experience and be present. This is the essence of my methodology experience of life, which consists in locating himself in himself and the world.

For many years the therapeutic work I am faced with the fact that people do not notice their feelings, know nothing about their real needs and make contact with other people "blind", replacing themselves with those images which have been instilled since childhood.

Psychotherapy is the path of acceptance.

In my work I don't deal with the changes in life, deliverance from the problems and symptoms and improvement of relations with other people. Psychotherapy is only interested in the man, but surprisingly – the more a person begins to know about yourself, the more changing his life.

the more you understand about their needs, the faster choose life.

Not impossible to change, but these changes are passive. You don't do anything to change something. You find yourself, listen to yourself, and everything else is included in a natural way.

Psychotherapy is no longer a movement from, this is an opportunity to change their lives towards saturation, vitality and positive.

In a sense, psychotherapy is a luxury. And it's not the luxury that is associated with wealth. This is a luxury that can afford people to develop. The point is that in order to survive in this world, you don't need to develop. But you want it. And accept this decision.

Psychotherapy is an important decision.

seek psychotherapy, you must understand that you have a long way to go. It is a process in which step by step you get to know yourself and how you are building your life.

do Not expect from psychotherapy what you put on the shelves. At least at the beginning and the first time it will not work.

Coming into psychotherapy, you will begin to notice new desires and what had not noticed before.

You will see something put up, and now do not want to put up with. These discoveries will complicate your life, it will be five to ten times and more new discoveries. Arranging systematically in psychotherapy is the secondary process and of course, you will come to him. But the essential is to notice myself.

Where to start?

the Best place to experience it group and personal psychotherapy.

In the group you meet with him in a sense through other people, observing them and learning to see yourself. In personal therapy, you gradually get to their feelings, needs and desires through communication with a therapist. In any case, it's not quick and not cheap but the result is worth it.

the First module of the program Study of practical psychology and Gestalt therapy – it's group therapy with a practical content, which will help you to get acquainted with them already at the first session.

Pogodin Igor
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