How to live?


friends Reaction to my last article "Life is not a goal" was intense and very different (in my group on FB)*. Someone who supports my love of travel, someone doubts that we have to live that way, and thinks that life is settled to build a house, raise kids – good life. I see no contradiction in those two desires. br>
In the Soviet times was considered the second correct way of life and a better fate in this case – to work at the same factory for 50 years and retire big boss. The idealization of the one, the only way of life – it is always beneficial to the ruling classes, but turns into a slavery for those "who didn't have a place in the elite." But always, fortunately there were those who dare to live on their own, not to participate in social games and not look up at anyone. br>
My father was a chief engineer in the oil Institute, but instead of having to buy carpets, cars and cottages, he bought us tickets to sea, Moscow, Leningrad... And in that time, as the whole city for the summer went to the cottage, we went to Georgia and Tuapse, the Ukraine... And is the same dachas and cars we have seen different cities, cultures and people.
the Modern world offers many more opportunities for different people. Now there is no need to overcome the opinion of the majority, because it is not – the minority became the majority. The only thing that now needs to be overcome is only yourself. Their concepts and beliefs. And dare to live differently! br>
And even to invent nothing. In the world already invented. In the age of romanticism and the enlightenment intellectuals and creative people spent a lot of time on "creative dacha" somewhere in Italy, the Crimea, the Alps... Or have traveled to the East. We know well in notes Chekhov, Gogol, Gauguin, van Gogh...

But they existed Wanderers, main Luggage which consisted of wisdom and a small knapsack on his shoulder. br>
there have Always been nomadic tribes. But "modern culture" (another big question What's this?) considers them uncivilized. Considers non-downshifters. But there is no need to be on someone's opinion – now you can easily find a sufficient number of those who think like me. br>
Curiously, when Agatha Christie published her works composed during the journey, no one condemned her for what she roamed the world, instead of sitting in your house somewhere in Devon. Does this mean that you need to be a celebrity to have your lifestyle accepted? br>
There is another point. Existential philosophy says that the world is not the one and only correct meaning of life, there is no one true meaning of life of a particular person. Meaning a person chooses, moreover, they can and should change. This is mental health – the ability to choose, the courage to live differently, to find those who are in tune with you, the ability to live with uncertainty and anxiety (which are in the journey, nothing more and nothing less than a settled life) and to live as if this was the last day.


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