how to live if She will come?


Looking at the flashed across the sky "a shooting star", the person thinks for the future, but she has in the past... it Turns out that wishing for the future we ask of the past? That not happened before? So is there now? After all, if someone noticed, say, an unusual bird says to another: see? This is happening when? Understandable, but what kind of bird is it? All the same, but... When? At the time when the light reflected by the bird reached the bottom of the eye. How inevitable was the way the Odyssey and invariably on the way of each person at all times raise two issues, what is love and what is death...the animals life is much simpler than the crown of evolution: hormones clearly talking about love, and about his death, animals don't think, just trying to avoid it. A relatively simple a person's life, when he is convinced that control to God, is somewhat more complicated when God is talking to him. And where to go, carrying on their shoulders not a traditional cross, and all the legacy of scientific atheism? Now life has become better, life has become more fun: you can believe "in Muhammad, even in God, though Jesus, at least not in what not to believe, even in hell, all evil..." But still, something to fill a hole in my heart the size of God?! The old calico decayed and the iron curtain fell – blowing now, cold and lonely...And should appear on the face of this idea as there will be people who: - "sheltered, warmed, stripped, that is, picked up, warmed!" O-ops, it seems, is another irony of fate, I'm not flying! I am convinced that man comes into this world alone, even if it falls in the warm hands of midwives, and one leaves, sliding out of the cool fingers of the gravediggers.

Hundred years, live a hundred years learn, teach us folk wisdom, a person learns to be able, repeat, not to forget – reminding myself that repetition is the mother of learning, but...the Shear insanity or mouth of the grave all this wisdom deprived! And if you remember about a love crazy ...
So does it make sense to be homo sapiens or better, like the birds of heaven, to reap not to sow is about tomorrow and not to think? And if you think how to do it without a shudder? "Yes, man is mortal, but it would be so bad. The bad thing is that sometimes he is suddenly mortal, here in what focus!" (Bulgakov "Master and Margarita") Or here's another trick – love and its carnal expression...
How to learn not to be afraid of one and keep the rest of your life more? Where such knowledge and whether after such gaps in the answers to call higher education? I have three of them, and this mystery I had to solve the most!
That's just what the decision can be considered correct? Anyone who graduated from high school, will quickly answer: that meets the conditions of the problem! But what is the problem? To live? "Live animals, a tree, a bird - not all, but someone lives here?". Sartre, in his eponymous work, well explained, what is Being and Nothingness, I will only explain my point of view on this question, the question whether the smell of a rose if no one is around? As is known, on taste and color of comrades not, but all go to school, eat in catering, prepared from same products but...For some Freud a genius, for others a Jewish vulgar; by the way, for me he's a genius. All animals are born more or less prepared for life, and Pets, however, as people are taught how to perceive the world: where decent to pee, and where not, who can bark, and from whom it is possible for it to. Animals of this knowledge is quite enough, but man, at least once in his life thinks: why? Some lack of response: that's right! Grow up will understand! And sure! Rose and I say to myself: I must! But for those who still can not understand why this should be? I started my story. The story I read, and went and hanged himself? Well, it happens. Freud talked about the "devil" within each person – gerontological hours. Although, how could that be logical? You can accept that you don't like to find a lot of reasons to kill myself for it, but how to find the logic that "they lived happily ever after and died in one day"?! Boils our minds indignant, half of the marriages lead to divorce, and the second? Again death! Yes, life is a disease: sexually transmitted and always ends in death...

Not so much ruined the housing problem for Muscovites, as the other two, in life, suffocate us, only once they occur. Like the Homeric snakes, they are inevitable, but they are not accepted to speak... I Think it will be about sex? Ready for a story that will make blush? Rather have white...let's Start with the second snake Charybdis, though about it Homer, it was said: " water scary rage. Three times she them on the bottom absorbs and spews three times. See also: when absorb - stay away! You're not saved if Zemledelie. So not Raymond Moody first wrote about the fact that after death man sees the "black tunnel." Homer's contemporaries believed that after death they will fall under the jurisdiction of Hades, where they will live in the future, although not too plethoric. To feel more or less alive they must now drink blood. Here's the story! Nowadays I think that only vampires after death are forced to eat blood, and then vampiric existence were doomed all totally dead! In a word, nothing – and in the Hades people live, moreover, were returning to the world of the living. Meeting with Charybdis, something like death for an atheist – no one can save you is darkness and nothing else! But what does it change? Both earlier and now, not many tend to die quickly no matter what awaits them there, but those and others tormented by the worm of doubt: what is it? On the death of the child usually finds out before he has a sustained interest in how life begins, although there are exceptions. Life confronts man with many questions, some their whole lives looking for answers, others they simply do not bother, but this question is inevitable: WHY Death?!

Predator is not puzzled with this question, the answer for him is clear – I want to eat, so it is necessary to kill, the only question is who? Yeah, who was the first to pop up! The main thing is to not bigger than me, and even can gum! Mankind, for the most part, not need to kill to eat, but the killing of concern to all, regardless of the degree of civilization. Hamlet suffered from the question: "to be or not to be" and left the theatre, can be heard mumbling: "with fat prynts raged!!! he did not know to be! he used my problems!!! how to pay to drink? and from Tasch to live?!" ...The audience for more than a century trying to understand Shakespeare, but choosing "to be" is usually added that their life flows "between Scylla and Charybdis" and not necessarily "wife and mother", "home and work"... "garden and Gomorrah," "between a rock... and then everyone can offer something. All agreed that "All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way". Well, how can we argue! It's a lion! However, not being a big fan of the tease "dead lion", I still, I will try to suggest that all is not happy if not the same, for one reason – hiding in human nature itself.

Makovsky Bella
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