How to live in harmony with each other?

How to live in harmony with yourself?

When you get tired of the many internal conflicts and failing yourself is a question that can really disturb.

I could just reply: to live in harmony with yourself, you need to accept yourself.

Reply and move on.

But it sounds pretty vague.

Let the try step by step.

What to do to learn to live in harmony with yourself?
  • Taking responsibility. Realize that you alone are responsible for their state of harmony. Only you can ensure the harmony and only you can ensure that you all was well. Not loved one, not parents, not friends. Only you.
  • to break Free from others ' estimates. Start from the idea that anyone's assessment of you and your life wrong. In addition to your own assessment. Only you know how good and how bad. Only you set certain standards by which you live. Only you can decide what you must have harmony.
  • Write what is harmony. Write its main terms. Can draw it, prescribe how it looks in different areas of your life.
  • to Prescribe specific action to acceptance of themselves and increase their self-esteem. the Actions that you start to perform right from the morning tomorrow. For example: "to get Up in the morning and do exercises", "Every day praise yourself for small achievements", etc.

If you make at least half of that you will be much easier to breathe in life. If you do everything on this list – at some point you will become a person that wants to take an example. Inspiring?

I have always been inspired, probably because since childhood I wanted to be a kind of example for people. But in our world because only it is to want and not to abandon the opportunities this world provides.

of Course, complete harmony with itself is a rather elusive thing, especially if you she was peculiar. But work in this direction can give incredible results. higher and More valuable than you can imagine in a state of failure.

feedback – in the comments. Success!

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Maria Zalesskaya
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