How to live in peace and harmony

behind the Wedding, the guests departed, the honeymoon passed, and began a simple routine. Now the fun begins. It's a fairy tale that after the wedding, "they began to live happily ever after". But in life happens differently. Don't know everything and can, as peacefully and happily to live happily ever after.

Before meeting the husband and wife lived in different environments, had different upbringing and philosophy of life. Now it's time to learn how to build relationships in his new family. And now do, and so it goes.

don't want to talk about what should a woman do or should do what the man in the family. Tired of listening to that everyone should. let's talk about what you want to do with your love for each other. Young people have decided to be together because they love each other, it means that you need to try together.

Love lives where it create and maintain.

To better understand how to build a happy relationship, offer next steps.

  1. to Understand first of all with yourself. What's important to you in the family – help, support, praise, etc. What evidence of love do you expect from a husband or wife
  2. Next, tell us about this husband (wife)
  3. Ask him (her) as he (she) sees a happy relationship
  4. Plan trips, hikes, as you want spend time together. This is a required item
  5. Discuss your goals and plans for the future, with all whether you agree (although it's even better to do before the wedding)
  6. Observe the relationship that makes you angry, annoying partner. What he (she) does not like. Don't try to show emotions, and is peacefully to discuss the situation
  7. Mark what you like in a partner, and tell him about it.
  8. do Not forget to thank for everything he or she does for you
  9. Agree, what do you peacefully resolve conflicts and follow these rules
  10. do Not let yourself to insult and they never do
  11. positive Train thinking and attitude to life
  12. Love one another and maintain.

of Course, in life there are moments when all has bothered, and you each other can irritate. Keep this in mind and try to think together how you can diversify your relationship.

And, make it a rule never to discuss her husband (wife) with other people. If really bad go to the psychologist. But not with whom not to discuss.

of Course, if the situation is such that your family can offend, humiliate and even beat, the question is solved differently. This should not be silent, and it is necessary to decide this point.

Try to follow these rules, create your own, communicate, negotiate peacefully and you will see how your family will live forever love.

Quintus Olga
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