Often people suffering from panic attacks, give advice to "Avoid avoidance". In fact, this recommendation is not to refuse, not to avoid difficult situations for you! br>
it is Easy to give this advice, but it's hard to follow when you're in a vicious circle. I know that the fear of being in the same situation in which the attack has already happened, more of you and more of all arguments. This is one of the most common errors that I warn all of its customers. br>
How it all starts?! The first attacks overtake you in a variety of places: bus, cinema, supermarket. br>
Reflexes created for survival: pricked with a needle once a child no longer pulls the arm toward the tip. The same thing our body makes-and in relation to panic attacks. The first strategy that you do not even think of: not to go back there, that is not to put yourself in danger. br>
Further more, in the two attack in the bus make you choose Hiking, even in cold rainy weather. Then gets banned from shopping center – witness pair your attacks. A map of these places grew.

you do not feel wronged, on the contrary: in the time of the decision to change the route, you feel joy. A small surge of pride: you coped with the attacks, the danger had passed. In the blood is hormone of pleasure – the body rewards us on the right strategy for survival. br>
a Vicious circle. Another couple of decisions and "doses" of pleasure from the body, and you develop a reflex of avoidance. Now you prefer this strategy to any other. You is not suspicious, because it seems natural. Why push yourself into the clutches of danger?! br>
So it turns out that trying to escape, you dig yourself deeper. Fear of attacks takes over and you no longer belong to yourself. This usually ends in tears: people quit their jobs, bezvylazno sitting at home. In such situations, an individual work with a psychologist. Step by step it will teach you to look into the face of danger. br>
do Not worry if this article you have learned yourself. Everything is in your hands and out exactly is. You will be able to cope. most Importantly, continue to include all new places the situation in the forbidden list.

have you been in the same situation or had thoughts to do so. Write in the comments, did you happen to avoid something? What exactly was it? Managed to cope?

If you feel the need the help of a psychologist – sign up for my personal consultation. Together we will find a way.

Paximadia Victoria
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