About self-love written an incredible number of texts in a simple Internet and not only. Nevertheless, people continue to ask questions about how they can love themselves.

I write about confidence, high self-esteem and unconditional love to myself perhaps from the very beginning of doing their blogs anywhere else. But people continue to ask questions, including me personally.

How can you love yourself?

I will Now write directly and clearly.

to Love yourself is possible and even fairly quickly. But if you work on yourself.

the Discipline and again the discipline in relation to itself, your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

It's not about what you need to back myself into a corner and be punished for every offense.

It is about the fact that if you, for example 30-40 years of his life didn't love yourself, you will not be able to love yourself for a few days at the click of your fingers.

You have to work. Serious and responsible.

Ask yourself the question is worth it?

If not, then you can stop reading.

If so, moving forward.

What you need to do to love yourself?
  1. to Perform their thoughts on the presence of beliefs that do not allow you to love yourself — it is the belief of scope: "I have", "I will hate", "I'll be lonely". And other resourcesetprivate bathrooms have complimentary thoughts.
  2. Clean thinking from the trash that daily reduces your motivation. Is determined easily: as soon as I felt the reluctance to do something that you usually dislike - remember the past the idea and dispose of safely.
  3. do Not hold your emotions. Feel them but do not make them owners of your well-being. You are you or your emotions?
  4. Say what I think and all that I want. For a start it'll do. Not everyone can do that. When you learn, you can learn to bring light and love to others. But this is possible only after you love yourself.
  5. Do what you want. No, I'm not about to go to a bar and have a couple of drinks - your body is not desirable. I'm talking about is good for the whole of your being.

Even those "meloci" require a lot of discipline and willpower.

that is why love really not many people. All others lack the desire and effort. Not enough of a breakthrough.

I help people to minimize all costs in the way of love to themselves. I recently taught another technology, which I share your consultation and in its programs. If you are interested - email me.

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