How to make a dream a reality. Personal experience


every man needs a dream. Where there is dream, there is life. No dreams and life stopped. br>
Quite often in the consultations, I hear the words "I do not know, I on your place or not. My choice or someone decided for me." Of course, the answer in ourselves. Below I will briefly describe the history of search, your search, which may help you to answer the question "and what am I?!" In childhood and adolescence I was looking for myself. Was craving for music. Very little I sang at the mirror with comb, and, becoming older, in school, I regularly had to perform on stage in various roles: presentations, singing, playing the piano, the guitar, or taking the image in the play.

It was as fun and terrible. My shyness is just killing me. The brain during performance on stage was just disconnected, I was able to forget the work that I needed to play, and preferred to sing only duets that I have not really been heard. More or less managed to do the play, so get used to the image, and you're not yourself, and what is there to be shy... So I was neither a singer nor an actor, nor a conductor.

But was craving for something mysterious. I collected newspaper clippings about UFOlogy and ancient civilizations. Brought from the sea a variety of interesting rocks and shells, and kept them in boxes... And by high school I decided that I want to be an Egyptologist. But, again but... to Go I had to learn at least in Moscow, with the languages I had a problem. Everything felt unclear, blurry... In grade 10 we were visited by representatives from one University and were talking about the specialties they teach. Then I heard the word "psychology" and decided that's where I should be. Although I had no idea what it (the school had no such thing).

of Course, my mother was trying to get me to the other side of the specialty, prestige is clear. But decisive for me was authoritative for me school Director, to which I was asked to Express their opinion about these two professions. And she said, "for women, it is better to be a psychologist." I went to where I wanted. Of course, preparing for a long time. Six months podkurkov. Trips to the city for class. Were strength and capabilities to get there and back.

And then another 5 months of waiting for the results of admission (exams I passed in April and had to wait, when will pass all after graduation). Yes, and the application process for me was worse than the exams themselves. Endless queues. The guards, who were not allowed, although the turn came. So I lasted 5 days, and on Friday, with tears in my eyes, I left the Institute and walked to the side stop with the idea that it's not mine, so I do not need to, if it does not apply. But at a meeting I was the one who tried to dissuade you from this profession, my mother (then we had no means of communication). She took me to the admissions office, and I applied.

On the second course of the University in the book market, I accidentally (although there are no accidents) bought the book Litvak M. E. "Principle sperm". I read avidly. But his stories about the book, I, of course, at the time, received criticism from the teachers to the author. But anyway, I decided that I'll ever be to work with the person, setting out such wonderful, and, most importantly, your thoughts. br>
And then away we go, friends of friends. Rostov — a large village. And here Boris Litvak conducting my interview for one of the boutiques (I was working in the trade. Starting from the second year of the Institute). And when, in the Cross there is a vacancy of admin, I decided that this link in the chain to my dream job (at the time I went to classes at the CROSS).

Once in the Cross, I began to understand the specifics of work and decided on the direction of for myself, as a psychologist, and went to improve their skills. That's how I became who I am now. Yeah, I don't dig in the Sands of Egypt in search of artifacts, but the work of the human soul (remember "psychology — the science of the soul"), is those excavations and solving found.

When you want something, it must come to pass, only need to tear off the fifth point from a sofa. And if you really want something, there always will be people that will help you to achieve it.

And to understand, whether you do, think, dreamed, interest in childhood and adolescence.
How your childhood dreams and passions associated with the current activity. Maybe your current work is a necessary step on the way to your goal.

maybe you had a box where you deposited the most sacred. Remember what it was. Perhaps it will tell you on your whether you place or not.

good Luck in finding yourself!

Liliya Morozova
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