How to make a woman? Make mom?


my Dear, good day. I congratulate you on mother's Day! This is a very important and powerful day for everyone. So today I propose to deal in your rejection of the most important and dear person - his mother and finally love her, and thus to love a woman, by the way, this also applies to men.⠀

the Origins of any failure in the form of anger, hatred or irritation on the mother lie in the loss of mother in childhood:⠀
- body contact (little embraced, carried on hands and stroked)⠀
- emotionally, spiritual ( love, care, friendship)⠀

If these two sources of contact, then the child grows up unsatisfied. If it is not fed and so hungry and cold released to the World. Then, the child of course angry at the world,mom, hungry, and unhappy.⠀

it is important to understand the following:⠀
- your parents have given as much as were they themselves.⠀
- your inner hungry child can be filled now, for this enough to allow him to do what exactly you want. Allow yourself to desire and to satisfy their desires, so your inner child eats and you become more loving, full, patch their wounds and greater concern with understanding to his own mother.⠀
- any violence on the part of the parent is the index of emotional emptiness. You often write that the mother was cruel to you, I understand and share your pain about this, but look at the reasons and think of yourself devastated, unless you have been to love? So you just have to forgive yourself today as for adults people to mend their wounds and fill yourself with love. Other reasonable and adult way.⠀
Staying mad isn't a solution. - there are mother's anxious and very protective, this leads to a violation of your boundaries, your freedom and in the end you dissolve everything. In this case, should be physically separated (living in your place, separate from the parents) and emotional (working on their opinion, attitude, feelings. Only do not confuse this with protest)

Word, I want to bring to the fact that your relationship with your mother, and later with you can not going well for one reason YOUR NOT satisfied of CHILDHOOD, which must now, as for adults close. To love and fall in love with myself and grateful to my parents for the fact that you are!
And so many people to solve their problems of childhood, the wounds of childhood need a therapist.

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