How to make important and difficult decision wisely and from the heart?


How to make the process interesting, and even with the result?

Certainly, each of in had to solve the vital long-term issues - whether it's a change of profession, sphere of activity, moving to another country, choosing a life partner, partner... and a lot more that meets each of us on life's journey...

These solutions differ in that must take into account many factors of the situation. Is an interesting task! How to solve it with advantage and pleasure for themselves?

Here I have caused the trust instrument, which is called the pyramid of logical equations or the pyramid of Dilts.

This is a coaching tool that is a question a tool that allows you to think for yourself, the most important thing here is that the questions are designed so that affect core values, which is the quality factor in the decision.

Yes, just note that the most effective, implement it in writing, in an environment where nobody disturbs. When there is an opportunity to relax and oswait the time of his life. To think about what is good and valuable will bring the decision in your life?

This is a very effective exercise in situations where you need a comprehensive look at your target. Also you can apply it when you feel stalled or no confidence in their own abilities.

necessary to Answer in the following sequences:
bottom-up and top-down

ie issues 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Further questions A) B) C) d) E) F) g)

there are 6 logical layers (starting from bottom):

level 1 — environment. the Question is — where?
Answer, when do you plan to achieve, where it is, who will be next to you (loved ones, clients, colleagues, etc.)
level 2 — action. Question — what to do?
What steps are you going to make reaching goals? What will you do in that environment, which was mentioned earlier?
level 3 — ability. a Question — as?
What skills and abilities you must possess in order to achieve the goal? Which ones you already have and which need development?
level 4 — values/beliefs. Question — why is it important?
What is important and valuable will you get by reaching this goal? That valuable bring into your life the skills and experience? How to change your life when you've met your goal?
level 5 — identity. the Question is — who?
Who you will be when you reach your goal? What you become when in your life will have something of value that it carries in itself? What do you say to yourself at the moment of achieving the goal?
level 6. the Question is — for whom?

A) For someone more important to achieving the goal set by you? Who will be pleased will benefit from its achievements?

B) the Answer to all these questions come down to the same levels...
) there are those for whom am I doing this?
D) What securities will I receive when I get them?
D) What abilities will I have?
E) What will I do?
W) When, where and with whom will these things happen?

Yuri bobovsky
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