💥 Porridge from Axe 💥
I Like to make something out of nothing? ⭐

➡ Often happens that mountains of information already eclipsing the Sun, and the Ocean of knowledge can not approach You to a Happy Shore?
➡ Already completed a lot of training and many times had to start!
➡ And doubt more than the Desire to Do something!

👉 How to put their knowledge, skills, abilities, capabilities, and already start to use them for the benefit of his own happiness?

have In their work in business consulting often use metaphors to help the entrepreneur come to understand their actions, their role and the results obtained. This is often parables, tales, Proverbs and sayings.
👉 Today I will give an example for this tale and in the end ask the questions for reflection.
🎯 Answering questions, many people will make the right opening!👍💯👍

🌟 Porridge from Axe (tale)🌟

the Old soldier went on leave.
Tired of the way, I'm hungry. I reached the village, knocked at the extreme house:
- let the rest of the road man! The door opened an old woman.
- Come on in, soldier.
- But do you, hostess, get something to eat? The old woman just enough, and the soldier tries to feed, she pretended to be an orphan.
- Oh, good man, and today she hasn't eaten: nothing.
Well, there is no way, soldiers said.

Then he noticed under the bench axe.
- If there is nothing else you can cook porridge from an axe.

the Hostess clasped her hands:
- How of axe porridge to cook?
- But how, give me a boiler.

the old Woman brought a pot, the soldier washed the axe, dropped into the pot, poured water and put on fire.
the old Woman at the soldier looks up, staring.
got soldiers spoon, pomeshivat brew. Tried.
- Well, how? - asks the old woman.
- it'll be ready, soldiers respond,- it's a pity that salt is nothing.
- the Salt I have is salt.

Soldiers salted, tried again.
- Good! If Yes here a handful of grits! The old woman flustered, brought from somewhere bag of grits.
- Take, fill up as you need. Tucked brew barley. Cooked, boiled, stirring, tried. The old woman looks at the soldier with wide eyes, can not break away.
Oh, and the porridge is good! - licked his soldiers.- Like here but a bit of oil - it was used and completely delicious.

there was an old woman and oil.
Arched porridge.
Well, the old woman, now give bread and get a spoon: porridge will be there!
- I never thought of the axe kind of good porridge can be cooked, - marvels the old woman.

Ate two of porridge. The old woman asks:
- Serviceman! When's the axe going to eat?
- but, you see, he didn't Uvarov, ' replied the soldier, somewhere on the road to be cook a little longer Yes, Breakfast!
Immediately stashed the axe in the backpack, said goodbye to the hostess and went to another village.

so that soldiers and porridge eaten and the axe claimed!

👉 the example of This tale suggest the businessman 👣 to find:

✔ Salt - the essence of the skills. What determines Your 💎 uniqueness. 💰Or USP - Unique selling Proposition
✔ Croup - basis - something that will give filling and will allow you to " feast upon something that will generate income. 💰Main product
✔ Oil - something that will give a special flavor to the porridge. 💰Definitely a recommended addition to the core product, for instance to operate.
✔ the Bread that You have, and You can use them. 💰Knowledge and skills acquired at the moment of life
But! as in the saying: "One can not eat bread".
✔ Spoon tool, to "eat porridge", enough to get income. 💰Available resources. Mostly the material.

And now 🎯

➡ what do You think, what for the owner may refer to: Boiler, Water, Fire❓

➡ Who may be Soldiers❓

➡ And why he took an axe❓

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