one of my colleagues said that we psychologists are different from the customers that know their cockroaches by name.

With the onset of autumn, and the eve of the anniversary, somehow, too actively climbed my "favorite"them cockroaches out of the woodwork:)

frankly, every time I think about your excess weight, lose a lot of points to your self-esteem.

Despite the fact that during the time spent in a cast I got rid of about 5 kg, understand how this is negligible – as "discount of one dollar upon the purchase of a Mercedes"!

Seeing as most people refer to full, fall into a stupor.

Again feel like a 20 year old girl who, despite fasting, Jogging, getting up at 5 am to get to the pool, and some strange acupuncture (with needles that are in the temporal area a week), barely wedge my ass in a size 48 jeans.

A close girlfriend who just do not eat for 4 cakes at once and are, thus, 42 size of clothes, which I was not able to "reach" even close with a huge loss of blood and inoperable stages of cancer.

And they say that the camp was not fat!
I have the audacity to compare the treatment of cancer with the stay in the concentration camps.

For the full, thin people often don't see excuses:

  • No radiation and chemotherapy
  • Not following him bone fragility
  • genetic predisposition

this may not sound like slim people an excuse. They are merciless to us!

Maybe they are right?

I streusel many times, and she took a fair personal therapy.

I managed to work other seemed more meaningful things, such as:

  • Relationship with mom
  • Relationship with her husband
  • accepting that I will never have children
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Fear of death and belief that all will be well despite all predictions

none of this makes me cry!

But in the request the weight, I never managed to reach the standards! Never! Min size: 46 48 top and bottom!

Best version of me, alas, more like the girl on the left...

Even when I was enjoying myself in the mirror when I drew the attention of the entire male society organizations, hall, street, still, the arrow on the scales, differed from what "should be" and what is called the norm.

Put yourself in the place of clients who, for example, never failed to build normal relations, and I understand them!

Because I was able to come to the set goals, such as:

  1. Pay attention to the most interesting men in a whole
  2. to Get married in 3 months
  3. make a million in a month
  4. Survive in inoperable stages of cancer
  5. Start a successful online practice from scratch
  6. With the full technical cretinism to use various online applications
  7. to Start over relationship with her husband
  8. to Get compliments from different men, having not just overweight, and very overweight
  9. you Start walking immediately after the fracture (already go itself!)

Perhaps we could find more and more evidence that a lot of what I was able to take this experience to bring themselves to the fact that've never been able to achieve: to reach normal, in all respects, weight.

"I want that!" screams my inner child!

"It is necessary for the health!" my Inner Parent

"I can do it!" my Inner Adult

And fuck the compliments: "You look beautiful", to hell with the fears that such a loss will lead to the emergence of a large number of wrinkles! To hell with comparisons with different "Easter Eggs" do NOT WANT!

on the eve of the anniversary accept only one wish:

"Becoming slimmer by 25 lbs!" even by may of 2019!

PS For the time I spent in a cast, I became slimmer 5 pounds!:)

Periodically receive requests for their courses and trainings, among them is a project that I can't afford to implement because it can't allow myself to get right on its implementation.

Maybe it's time?

a Reality show for those who are desperate to find harmony!

We'll go this way, because I understand you like no other!

Natalia Filimonova
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