Today I want to share one technique which will help to make the right choice in a difficult situation. And what a choice right? Of course the one that's right for you!

Often life puts us in a situation of choice, when you need to make a decision: either that, or that. At such moments, we are in constant doubt, the brain stops working, or on the contrary stress "think". Options both elections represented equally winning and losing. If you are such situations, I propose to use the following technique. To play it you need a few decks of metaphorical maps. All elections in this technique do the closed.

  1. Predstavite one of the possible choices, think about it for some time. Then from the deck IT, select the map and map drawing, answering the question: How does this situation? What does it mean?
  2. What is the path (road) is waiting for You if you go down this path? (I suggest to use the deck of "Ways and roads", but you can also take the "River")
  3. How You'll feel in this way? (the deck is "About you. Metaphor women's identity").
  4. How will feel people close to You (as will the relations)? (deck of "Loneliness").
  5. Gift on the way (a deck of "Magic using unicorns")
  6. What is to be, as a person?

the fifth and sixth step of the swap.

Then similarly performed for the second choice. Sometimes for advice, if the problem is acute and the client highly doubt, then I suggest to do the same with another choice. But pulling cards for the third time, the client no longer thinks what he is – this way. It just allows for another scenario, while unknown to him.

After the client has laid out certain metaphorical maps to the questions opened by the first selection discussed. Then the second and third. You need to constantly ask to clarify what a particular image means to the person.

When every choice the customer speaks, he begins to understand that he was closer, "what is the right choice for him." It is clearly seen which way safer, more interesting or Vice versa.

the Choice is yours!

Always happy to help make the right choice.

the psychologist Ekaterina Shabalina

8 (910) 604 9363

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