long and hard to persuade the person to think about themselves, about their mental health, which is no less important than physical health. But what do these words mean for the person who chose the meaning of his life serving the children? I think these words are for them does not mean they miss "deaf ears" as ready to forget about themselves and their problems for the future of their children.

But, happiness and health of children depends on happiness and health of their parents.

"Children are the meaning of life!" - the motto of every mother, which seems to be every minute thinking about the welfare of their children, strives to be the best, the perfect mother.

All so, the efforts of mothers are commendable and deserve respect. However, there is a subtle emotional connection of the mother with her child, and there is equally sensitive to the relationship of the child with his parents. For a child everything that happens to him after birth, is the first time, and how the rest of the experience depends largely how the rest of the rest of his life.

it is important to understand that, in addition to words and external behaviors, parents transmit the hidden, unconscious meaning, often uncontrolled, not perceived by them.

It's like advertising: show us something funny and amusing, implicitly and covertly linking these positive experiences with any unsafe product (hamburger, Cola, beer, etc.). That is something inherently harmful is masked by the joyful emotions.

an Example of the relationship between the mother and child remaining after a scandalous divorce, a mother raises her child alone and finding a similarity in appearance and behavior with a former spouse, unwillingly, consciously not even aware of this report, projects his negative feelings for the former spouse, child begins to take revenge on former husband, turning violently with the child.

That is, parents can harm their children without even realizing it and not noticing toxic attitude toward them behind him.

we All want to think that someone else is capable of, but we did not, we would like to think that we are doing the right thing. It is quite natural. However, often the most convinced of the correctness parents are most harmful to children. So, an overprotective mother who loves the child and is afraid that with it something happens, deprives the child of opportunities for growth of their individuality, confidence, self-reliance and independence.

a mother harms her child, home for him is a jail (the image of the prison may manifest itself in typical dreams and games of the child), from which it can not escape, can not be free, to know themselves and the world. A mother hurting her child.

The saddest thing is that children do not understand that they are injured. They love their parents and accept their attitude as the only possible and correct, but if something goes wrong as a result of these relationships – take the blame ("that's my fault, so I am bad"). Wine destroys the person feeling it provokes the emergence of various complexes (inferiority, guilt) and strange behavior in children (and provoking other destructive behavior as a way of self-punishment), it is like a sharp scar remains in their memory.

the more unconscious we are, the less conscious behavior, the less we control our words and actions, act impulsively and rashly. The unconscious, the irrational part of us is capable of harm both to the person himself and the people around him, especially children.

Healthy parents — not just consciously acting and thinking rationally, and the ones that have the minimum influence of the unconscious, which are well studied and know themselves. Who knows, the man will be able to recognize the action of unconscious motives, aggressive impulses; to recognize the effect of mental defense mechanisms such as projection mechanism (anger to the father of the child is projected onto the child), the mechanisms of denial and rationalization (to completely deny or to justify their negative actions in relation to children). This knowledge allows time to stop and separate their interests from the interests of the child.

the Course of psychoanalytic therapy for parents – the key to mental health of children, happy, successful future, free from the complexes, is not burdened with the unsolved problems of their parents.

I Invite You to psychoanalytic therapy for joint work in solving life's problems and resolution of internal conflicts, learning and change itself. I look forward to meeting You!

Vladislav Milevsky
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