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Today's article continues the topic of what and how you can please.

In the future I plan to return periodically to this topic, which I hope will help you to make your life a little better. So please follow!

so, I suggest you discuss the topic of sleep. On the one hand, it may seem that the theme of happy beaten. It would seem, who does not want to sleep a little longer, to see interesting dreams, sleep? That may be so, but...

Sometimes (and maybe not at all sometimes) that occurs in childhood parents fight with sleeping children. The reasons for this may be different (and I'd appreciate it if in the comments too and them you are with me and other readers share). For example, parents may consciously or not particularly consciously apply the saying "the early bird catches the worm". It may even reach from the past, when I had to get up early to have time to do all the chores. Already absolutely everyone can and forget what you need to get up early, it can be absolutely not necessary, and we can all continue to avoid long sleep, considering it wrong, reprehensible. Not to tolerate it in others and myself. Under this deal can be all sorts of explanations, excuses.

Then the man is already beginning itself, the same is not clear for what, fighting with your sleep, don't allow yourself to sleep longer, even if completely and can afford it.

And enough sleep, it is as though banal did not sound, improves mood, reaction speed, more thoughts interesting and useful comes, physical endurance and strength increase, etc. (here too it is interesting to know that sleep gives you).

for Example, I have seen that better on two hours of sleep and remake because a lot of things than to get up early and sluggish to do all day in a bad mood noticeably fewer of them without the proper fun and making some mistakes. Although, this is not at all, someone is losing health, and in this mode, when sleep is slightly smaller. Someone can not sleep for days and then sleep all weekend. To each his own. Here it is possible to experiment that is more effective and better for you. It happens that an excess of sleep impairs some parameters, for example, less start to think

Still, sleep and dreams are the way our unconscious, is another way to better himself to understand. After all, in our dreams can reflect our dreams, hopes, fears, concerns, experiences, feelings and so on. Also such a useful part of our lives. In this struggle with sleep this part, these messages can be ignored, impaired. And it is in vain, because there may be something useful for us, not to mention the pros of the dream listed above.

And finally – a link to an article about how to fall asleep faster

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